Using Your Own Photographs with Clicker

Reposted with permission from Crick Software UK Blog

Did you know that you can set up instant pictures in Clicker, so that when you type a word, an image from the Crick Picture Library appears in the document? What’s more is that with a few simple steps, you can have Clicker add photographs that you or your children have taken instead!

Clicker document showing  symbols appearing for selected typed words.

  • Create a folder containing all of the photographs that you would like Clicker to use. Just ensure that the photographs are named with the word that you want to trigger the picture to appear in Clicker.
  • You then need to register this folder as a media library. There is a short video and PDF explaining how to do this here.
  • To get your photographs to appear in the document, you need to switch on the instant pictures feature. Again there is a short video and PDF showing you how here (Clicker will look through all of the folders ticked in order from top to bottom, so if you want your new folder searched first then you can push it to the top of the list).

And that’s all there is to it! You can register multiple folders, for different topics or for different year groups. Children will find seeing their own photographs appearing in their documents engaging and motivating, and because the image only appears when the word is spelled correctly, it can support successful independent writing. Why not try it with a folder of images for your first topic of the autumn term?

Danielle Bayes

Danielle Bayes - Curriculum Support Consultant, Crick Software UK Danielle is an experienced teacher, having worked with students of all ages both in schools and as the eLearning teacher at one of UK's City Learning Centres. Her expertise with using technology to support learning led her to work for Crick Software, where she is now the Curriculum Support Consultant, leading school INSET training with their software and creating print and video online support materials.

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