Meet the new DynaVox T10 and PODD Pagesets | July and August Workshops

Two children with a DynaVox T10 Communication Device

Join Charlene Cullen, speech pathologist from the Spectronics Consultancy Team, for a free two-hour workshop in Melbourne on Friday 25th July or in Sydney on Wednesday 13th August to meet the newest speech generating device from DynaVox. The T10! Along with the Compass app and the just-released Communication Pagesets for Gayle Porter's popular PODD communication system.


The Independent Living Centre
705 Princes Hwy
Brooklyn, VIC

Friday 25th July 2014
9.45am arrival for tea/coffee before 10.00am start
10.00am to 12.00pm


The Independent Living Centre
Level 4, Shop 4019, Westpoint Shopping Centre
17 Patrick St, Blacktown 2148, NSW

Wednesday 13th August 2014
11am to 1pm
(feel free to arrive early for a cuppa and look around the ILC display area)


NEW! Now open for registration

Cerebral Palsy League’s Geebung Mobility Service
354 Bilsen Road
Geebung QLD 4034

Thursday 28th August 2014
9.45am arrival for 10.00am start
10.00am to 12.00pm

Presented by
The Brisbane Session will be presented by Amanda Hartmann instead of Charlene Cullen.

Numbers at the three venues are limited, so please make sure you register as soon as possible so you don’t miss out.

Two DynaVox T10s

Features of the DynaVox T10

The DynaVox T10 is a thin, portable, lightweight tablet running an Android operating system which supports the DynaVox Compass software. A Compass app is also available and can be loaded onto an iPad or Windows 8 tablet. It’s a fully customisable AAC app that uses the Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) we all know and love from other DynaVox devices and the ever-popular Boardmaker software.

Charlene recently reviewed the DynaVox T10 and has shared her thoughts in two recent posts on the Spectronics Blog titled "The DynaVox T10: a new tablet device for AAC" and "DynaVox Compass app – AAC heading in a new direction". In response to these posts, early adopters of the T10 have made the following comments on the blog.

“My kiddo is 16 and nonverbal and he loves the Compass software and has already been communicating more and more.”

“It is not as hard as you think to edit, sometimes I’ve edited a button in less than thirty seconds on the fly.”

Charlene will show you the different pre-programmed Communication Pagesets including add-ons for PODD and Gateway. The varied Communication Pagesets can be customised for use with all ages and abilities including people with autism, cerebral palsy, dyspraxia, Down Syndrome, motor neurone disease or other neurological, developmental and communication impairments. Those who have experienced a stroke or traumatic brain injury can benefit from using the T10 as well. Charlene will demonstrate the Compass editing software and the ease with which you can individualise the pages for each different AAC user.

Whilst it won’t be a hands-on session, you can follow along by bringing your own iPad or Windows 8 tablet with the DynaVox Compass app 30-day trial pre-loaded. Instructions for accessing and downloading the app can be found at

Download the Melbourne workshop flyer (PDF) for more information

Download the Sydney workshop flyer (PDF) for more information

Download the Brisbane workshop flyer (PDF) for more information

Ready to Register NOW? Click here to register online!

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Barbara has a strong interest in the opportunities for students with disabilities or learning difficulties made possible through technology. She is also a passionate advocate of the use of social media tools to promote the power of inclusive learning technologies to enable independent achievement for all – whatever form that achievement might take.

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