A Dynamic Duo who will inspire ALL teachers to engage ALL students at your International School!

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Re-engage your disengaged students.

Motivate and inspire your teachers!

Want Kevin and Greg to work their magic at your school?

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Kevin Honeycutt from the USA and Greg O’Connor from Australia, both with many years of classroom teaching behind them, make an awesome international team on stage together. They are proud to be education change agents. Effecting change both in classrooms and school-wide through use of innovative technologies and online media strategies. Creating wins for teachers and wins for students. ALL students. Including the “tough kids”. The ones who are disengaged. The ones who are struggling. The ones who just don’t seem to fit in no matter how solid your teaching strategy is.

Learn how to motivate ALL students and significantly improve their learning outcomes using technologies like the iPad, Chromebooks, online resources and innovative electronic music tools to mention just a few. Motivating and fun yes … but with real learning outcomes in mind too. Motivating not just your students but kickstarting your own enthusiasm for teaching too!

View Kevin in action here.
View Greg in action here.

For the very first time, they are now available as a team to bring their unique brand of effecting positive change to all East Asian region schools. To book them in to inspire your staff and school community, just contact us to discuss possibilities. Or download this printable PDF flyer about the dynamic Kevin and Greg duo for discussion with your colleagues.

Maybe even plan to catch up with Greg in person at the EARCOS Teachers' Conference in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia from March 26th to 28th next year! He will be presenting workshops around the topic of "Using mobile technology to support students struggling with the literacy requirements of school" and more.



Kevin Honeycutt

Photo of Kevin Honeycutt
Educational Technology Integration Evangelist (USA)

Kevin grew up in poverty and attended school in many cities across the United States. As he witnessed education around the country he collected powerful experiences that still influence his conversations and his work with educators. He spent 13 years teaching art K-12 in public school and for 17 years spent summers leading creative adventure camps for kids of all ages. In 1991 he received the Making IT Happen Award which is an internationally recognised awards program for educators and leaders in the field of educational technology integration in K–12 schools. The program identifies and rewards educational technology leaders around the world for their commitment and innovation.

Learn more about Kevin at

Twitter @kevinhoneycutt


q-alicia.155439 Alicia Smith

Thanks for being a recharging port, Kevin Honeycutt…. You’ve really inspired me!

q-jodie.155448 Jodie Whitford

Kevin Honeycutt is awesome.. I can really connect with what he’s saying…. Great sense of humour!!


Greg O’Connor

Photo of Greg O'Connor
Educator specialising in Support of Diverse Learners (Australia)

Greg has been actively involved in supporting the learning of students with diverse learning needs for over 30 years. During this time he has worked as a classroom teacher, school executive, district consultant and regional manager with the New South Wales Department of Education and Training in Australia. Greg’s areas of interest and expertise include supporting students with complex needs, challenging behaviours, autism, and additional literacy support needs. He is passionately committed to the use of inclusive and instructional technologies to support the learning of ALL students. Greg presents at international conferences, provides training and consultancy across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia and is the Professional and Consultancy Services Manager at Spectronics.

Learn more about Greg at

Twitter @gregoconnor


q-pip.155306 Pip Tinning

What a fantastic course. So much info to digest, but I am INSPIRED! Thanks Greg O’Connor!

q-joanna.155406 Joanna Donald

Thank you Greg for your inspiration and knowledge! So much I can go back and share with my colleagues, teachers, parents and students as well as use in my everyday life! Has been an awesome day!


Ready to inspire your staff and students?

Contact us to discuss possibilities via our online contact form, telling us a little about what you are hoping Kevin and Greg can achieve for your school. Or call us in Australia on +61 7 3808 6833 asking to speak with Barbara Landsberg or Lorraine Cameron who manage our consultancy and speaker events.



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About Barbara Landsberg

Sales and Marketing Director
BOccThy, MBA

Barbara is an Occupational Therapist who joined the Spectronics team 14 years ago. Prior to that time, she spent 17 years in occupational therapy positions working with adults and children with a variety of physical disabilities and learning difficulties. She also held the position of Coordinator of the assistive technology service of the Independent Living Centre of Queensland for three years before moving to Spectronics. On completion of her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in 2010, she assumed the role of Sales and Marketing Director at the company and, among other roles, oversees running of the exciting and innovative Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference hosted every two years by Spectronics.

Barbara has a strong interest in the opportunities for students with disabilities or learning difficulties made possible through technology. She is also a passionate advocate of the use of social media tools to promote the power of inclusive learning technologies to enable independent achievement for all – whatever form that achievement might take.

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