Using Clicker to Stretch More Able Students

Reposted with permission from Crick Software US Blog

My colleague, Cath, was visiting a school recently and got into a discussion with an elementary school teacher about using Clicker 6 to support the literacy development of older, more able students. Cath opened our LearningGrids website and showed her some of the ready-made resources that really encourage experimentation with language, for example, Powerful Verbs and Adjective Alternatives.

When Cath was an English teacher, one of the areas she used to focus on was developing variety and complexity in sentence structure. Using the Sentence Building wizard, she created some sentences where a clause could be added in different ways:

Clicker 6 clause activity

Clicker’s speech support is really effective in a situation like this as students can hear the effects of using commas and the difference in emphasis achieved by manipulating word order.

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