More science with Clicker Books

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Following on from my last blog, here is another idea for using Clicker Books for science observations.

Looking at plants as a topic, children can use Clicker Books to keep records of how plants change over time. They may for example note the appearance and opening of buds, the development of fruit, and the falling of leaves from trees. They can take pictures of the plant at various stages and record their observations, adding to their book at significant points in the plant’s growth. This might be particularly helpful when looking at seasonal change which is likely to be covered as a thread throughout the year.

Equally, children could use the same approach to describe the changes they observe in how their own seedlings grow and change. They can record the important stages and explain what they did to keep the plants healthy. They can also suggest why some plants may not have thrived.

The activity lends itself to individual and pair work and enables children to make decisions about what they want to record as well as building on their classroom learning.

Clicker Book spages - tomato plant growth; left: flowering; right: fruiting
Book pages showing the flowers and then the fruit on a tomato plant.

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