Creating templates in WriteOnline’s WorkSpace

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WriteOnline’s WorkSpace is a graphic organiser tool that enables students to plan their ideas before they begin to write about them.

For those pupils who might struggle to get started with planning their thoughts on a blank screen it can be useful to work from a template in the WorkSpace. This will help them structure their ideas logically.

To create a template simply use the objects and links in the palette to provide an empty frame in which the pupils can write their thoughts, then save the document, which will save the WorkSpace too. So for example, if your students are planning a fair test you might provide them with a frame like this:

Fair test resource graphic organiser chart

Once the template has been used by the student, they then have the option to send the outline of their plan to their document, which provides them with headings to work from in order to develop their thoughts into a full piece of writing.

Screenshot of a outline showing headings and work plan

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