System Requirements, Downloading and Embedding Videos

What program or video sharing site do you use to host your videos?

Spectronics Online videos are hosted on Vimeo and YouTube.

Vimeo is a video-sharing website where users are able to upload and view videos. To find out more visit the Vimeo website.

What are the minimum system requirements I need to access Spectronics Online videos?

Vimeo requires a fairly fast internet connection and an internet connected device to view videos. Any computer made within the last three years should work fine on Vimeo, but there will always be times when you may experience difficulties loading and playing videos. If you have playback issues please visit the Vimeo Playback Issues FAQ’s page for answers to common questions.


What internet browser do I need to play your videos?

Vimeo supports the following internets browsers.

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

For best results please ensure that you are running the most up to date version of your browser.

Can I access Spectronics Online and watch your videos on an iPad/iPhone/smartphone?

You sure can! For more information on viewing videos on mobile devices please visit the Mobile section of the Vimeo FAQ page

Can I download the videos?

Spectronics Online is a video streaming subscription; therefore videos are unable to be downloaded. However please note any videos uploaded to Spectronics Online are available for unlimited viewing for the length of your subscription.


Can I embed these videos on my Facebook, Twitter, Blog or any other website?

For privacy and copyright purposes we have restricted embedding of our Premium videos on all outside websites. However you are more than welcome to embed any of our preview or non-premium videos on your Facebook, Twitter, Blog or website.

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