Successfully using iPads to support your students with Autism

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This webinar will focus on outlining a wide range of apps that will support students in your classrooms with Autism.

Many students with Autism have difficulties across three main areas: Communication, Social Skills and Behaviour. This webinar tackles apps as well as practical strategies for each of these areas.

Part 1 of the webinar will target Communication. We will look a range of apps that provide an Alternative and/or Augmentative Communication (AAC) system for students with little or no speech. We also look at some interactive and structured apps that aim to extend and develop vocabulary and comprehension. Session Length 1hr 7mins

Part 2 of the webinar focuses on Social Development. First we look at apps that can develop the early social skill of interaction and engagement. Then we tackle the area of Social Skills training, investigating apps that can support understanding and knowledge of: feelings/emotions; friendships; conversations; conflict resolution; classroom social behaviour. Session Length 1hr 4mins

Part 3 looks at Behaviour, with a particular focus on Apps to create and implement Visual Tools for positive behavioural support. Also we take a quick look at some apps for data collection, to help monitor and track behaviour in students with Autism. Session Length 36mins

We hope that you find this webinar informative and valuable! Please contact Amanda Hartmann on with any questions or comments.

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5 Responses to Successfully using iPads to support your students with Autism

  1. Helen Brunner says:

    How do I view these videos? I’m signed in but they still appear to be locked. In Vimeo I can only get the preview.

    • Jay says:

      Hi Helen,

      Thanks for letting us know, we have since adjusted our video settings and you should be able to view these now.

      Apologies for any inconvenience caused, if you still continue to have trouble accessing videos please send an email to and I will investigate further.


  2. Adriana De Luca says:

    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC Amanda! Learnt so many cool ideas and had a heap of fun listening to your videos. Love the opportunity to learn in my own time and in my own environment.

  3. Rebecca Williams says:

    I was wondering how much this technology would cost? I am an integration aide at a primary school.(webinar)

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