Spectronics Online Premium Subscriptions


Spectronics Online Premium Subscriptions are no longer offered to new customers as off end of 2016.


Helping you to make informed apps and technology choices for your students!

We are committed to maintaining a comprehensive collection of FREE resources to be available to all Spectronics website visitors. Visitors who come to us from all around the world now! These include articles within the Spectronics Blog and the Apple and Apps-related Blog‘s collection of useful iPad, apps and accessories links along with listings of Apps for Special Education, Apps for Literacy Support and Apps for AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). Our Slideshare , Vimeo and YouTube Channels offer many other informative resources too!

In addition to these free services, we are now offering our paid premium subscription service! This one-off fee subscription service will allow individuals access to many more resources developed by the clever Spectronics Consultancy Team.

Why sign up for a Spectronics Online Premium Subscription?

Simple answer! It helps you to make sense of the confusing clutter of the myriad apps and technologies available!

  • For students in mainstream/regular ed settings needing learning and literacy support
  • For students in special education
  • For all learners in diverse classrooms who need support … for whatever reason!
  • Access valuable training and support resources 24/7.
  • View them in your own time. In your own space. In your pyjamas if you like!
  • It works on PCs. It works on Macs. It works on iPads and smartphones!

What do you get with a Spectronics Online Premium Subscription?

For the duration of your subscription, you have access to a growing collection of online resources covering the following areas.

  • Videos from the Literacy Instruction for Young Learners Workshop Tour
  • iPads in Special Education
  • iPads for Literacy Support in Mainstream/Regular Education Settings
  • iPads for AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)
  • Other Inclusive Learning Support Technologies
  • Other AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) Technologies
  • Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference 2012 Presentations


What types of resources will you have access to?

  • Videos created by the Spectronics Consultancy Team
  • iBooks and PDF formatted resources
  • Videos of live workshops and sessions presented by the Spectronics Consultancy Team “on-the-road”. If you can’t attend these presentations, don’t worry, your subscription will let you learn too!
  • Access to all presentations recorded at the Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference 2012 – including presentations previously available to conference delegates only.
  • Ongoing access to all Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference 2012 presentations and resources.
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