Announcement re change of Australian supplier of DynaVox Speech Generating Devices

A Tobii-DynaVox T10 device being used by a child, along with a two other users using DynaVox Vmax AAC devices

For over ten years now, Spectronics has proudly sold and supported the DynaVox range of speech generating devices and accessories. Our skilled tech support and repair team, supported by our team of speech pathologists committed to positive augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) outcomes, have very much enjoyed working alongside AAC users and their teams over that time.

But, change is now in the air. 

As you may be aware, in May 2014, DynaVox was merged within Tobii Technology’s Assistive Technology division. Combining the unique competencies of each company in the areas of development of speech generating devices, eye tracking options and accessibility for people with disabilities. As a result of DynaVox becoming a Tobii Technology company, and the emergence of new devices combining Tobii Technology’s hardware with DynaVox software, it became apparent that Spectronics needed to consider a new model to better support all DynaVox device users, both now and into the future. 

To this end, effective from 1st January 2015, all DynaVox sales, support and device trials will be available to our Australian, New Zealand and SE Asian customers through Link-AT based in Adelaide in South Australia. More information about Link-AT can be found at

Link-AT will continue to provide the level of expertise offered by Spectronics in supporting DynaVox device users supported by our speech pathologist, Charlene Cullen, who will be joining the Link-AT team in January too. Charlene has been with Spectronics for the past six years, having spent that time immersed in "all-things-DynaVox". She has also presented workshops launching the DynaVox T10 across Australia and has spent many hours this year over phone and email answering questions about the new DynaVox Compass software, apps and the myDynaVox online portal.

The Spectronics team are saddened to be losing both Charlene and the opportunity to be in regular contact with our DynaVox device users and support teams. But we feel assured that you will continue to be supported well by the move to Link-AT for your local DynaVox support, device trials and sales.

If you wish to arrange for trial of DynaVox devices from this point onwards, please contact Bas Tijdhof, Managing Director at Link-AT on email or phone (08) 8330 4102. If you currently have an application submitted for trial of a DynaVox device through Spectronics, you will be contacted soon to discuss how this can be facilitated through Link-AT.

Please note that while this new arrangement applies to supply of devices from DynaVox, Spectronics will continue to supply the popular Boardmaker software family programs and other special education resources from the Mayer-Johnson Company, a part of the Tobii DynaVox Group.

If you have any questions about this announcement, please contact me directly and I will be happy to clarify anything that is unclear.

Kind Regards

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Michael O’Leary
Managing Director | Occupational Therapist

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