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As I mentioned in my last post, we attended Closing The Gap, a national AT conference which takes place in Minneapolis every October. On the Wednesday evening, we hosted a party for more than 80 guests, at which we announced a brand new addition to our growing family of apps. SuperKeys is a brand new accessible keyboard, designed for users who face challenges accessing the regular onscreen / iOS keyboard.

Guest attending the SuperKeys launch party (top) and showing off SuperKeys running on iPhone and iPad

We have launched many new products at Closing the Gap over the years, but the reaction to SuperKeys was even more exciting than we had anticipated. Word spread quickly around the conference that we had announced something pretty special (both by word of mouth and Twitter), and on Thursday morning our booth was swamped with delegates asking about our new app. It was really exciting to have 20+ people watching a SuperKeys demonstration while simultaneously accessing the App Store and downloading it on their iPhones and iPads!

One of the best quotes (that we had time to write down!) came from Dr. Denise Coste, formerly of Montgomery Public Schools (MD) and now a national AT Consultant: “Superkeys is the most innovative alternate access app I’ve seen in years. Not just for kids with motor disabilities but for aging adults with low vision”.

To find out more, search for “SuperKeys Assistive Keyboard” in the App Store.

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