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Some children find it difficult to type into the iPad – even the simplified keyboards in the Clicker Apps may not be accessible for those with physical challenges. Previously, the only alternative was to use switch access, but now SuperKeys offers an alternative that is faster, more child-friendly, and easier to use.

SuperKeys example

SuperKeys provides big keys, while maintaining a standard qwerty layout that does not require scanning or switches. By grouping the keys into clusters of six or seven keys, SuperKeys provides fast keyboard access with no more than seven large keys to choose from.

SuperKeys is now included as an option within Clicker Connect and Clicker Docs. Children with access difficulties can now access both the keyboard and Clicker Grids by first selecting a cluster, and then selecting the key or cell they want.

You’ll find the SuperKeys option in the Clicker Connect and Clicker Docs Accessibility menu – if it’s not there, download the latest update from the App Store.

SuperKeys for all apps

SuperKeys is now available as a standalone keyboard that works with any iPad app. It also works on the iPhone, offering access for the many people who find the keys on a phone keyboard too small. It also provides one-touch access to commonly used words and phrases – great for sending text messages!

SuperKeys example on iPad

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About John Crick

John Crick – CEO, Crick Software

John Crick is the founder and CEO of Crick Software. Based in Northampton UK and Westport, Connecticut, Crick Software is solely focused on producing innovative educational software. The company concentrates particularly on software tools for literacy. Crick Software promotes the inclusion of children of all abilities by creating flexible products that can be tailored by teachers to the needs of individuals.

John started Crick Software in 1993. Before that he was a teacher for sixteen years. He was very involved in technology in the classroom from the early days when computers first appeared in schools. He worked both in mainstream settings and with children with learning disabilities. He also worked as a technology specialist in a school for children with physical disabilities. His teaching experience and his interest in all aspects of literacy led him to set up the company and write Clicker. Clicker is now the ‘industry standard’ reading and writing software in UK schools and is rapidly being adopted in other countries. Clicker has won the Bett Award for Excellence in ICT an unprecedented seven times. The Bett Awards are the UK’s educational equivalent to the Oscars and are voted for by teachers.

John studied at the University of Manchester at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. He also has an Advanced Diploma from University College Northampton and has studied reading and language development with the Open University.

His practical knowledge of the classroom together with his academic qualifications and his up to the minute knowledge of technology gives him a unique perspective on educational technology, particularly in the areas of reading and writing.

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