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Technical Support in Australia


When you purchase products from Spectronics, we are committed to making sure these become “solutions” for you. We understand that you make purchases with a goal in mind – and encourage you to use our technical support line to achieve those goals. Please contact Spectronics for assistance with any problems you experience during installation and application of the products toward your goal. Our FreeCall Technical Support Line is available to customers who have purchased their products from Spectronics – 1800 999 718.

The technical support line is manned Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm (EST). Outside these hours, a Messagebank facility allows you to record your request for assistance. Our technical support staff will then contact you during office hours to assist. Alternatively, you may request help using the technical support request form.

To request help via the mail or fax, print out the offline technical support request form (pdf) and mail it to us at the address printed on the form or fax it through to us on (07) 3808 6108.

To obtain help via e-mail, fill out the online technical support request form.

You may also wish to visit the growing number of tech support webpages being hosted by the manufacturers of the products sold by Spectronics. To help you find them quickly, we have listed these links here on our site under the heading of Manufacturer’s Technical Support Pages.

You also may find answers to your questions in our website library’s collection of articles answering “Frequently Asked Questions“ (FAQs).

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