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Zoom in, sit back and enjoy using your computer without straining your eyes

This product is no longer available from Spectronics.

ZoomText 10 Magnifier product box

ZoomText xFont

ZoomText Authorised Dealer

ZoomText Magnifier enlarges and enhances everything on your computer screen, making all of your applications easy to see and use. Ai Squared’s revolutionary ‘xFont’ technology displays crystal clear text at all magnification levels. Once you’ve seen it, no other screen magnifier will do.

Features and Benefits

See What’s New in ZoomText version 10.0.7

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NEW! ZoomText CameraexpandClick to collapse

New in ZoomText 10

The new ZoomText Camera feature allows you to use any high-definition (HD) webcam to view and magnify printed items and other objects right on your computer screen — including bills, magazines, photographs, medicine labels, craft items and more. Simple controls allow you to quickly zoom in and out, choose between full and high contrast colors, and switch between Full and Split screen views where you can see the camera image and your Windows desktop at the same time. And by utilising affordable and readily available HD webcams costing well under $100, the ZoomText Camera provides a low-cost and portable alternative to conventional CCTVs.

Key benefits and advantages



  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easily fits in your backpack or laptop bag
  • Requires no AC power source (USB powered) – can be used with laptops even when you’re away from wall power

HD video quality

  • Magnified print and graphics are impressively clear and easy to read

Full-featured (has all essential CCTV features)

  • Auto-focus
  • Wide range of zoom levels
  • Full screen and split-screen viewing
  • Full colour and high contrast two-colour modes

ZoomText Camera User Interface
ZoomText Camera User Interface

Camera image displays right on your computer screen

  • Conveniently in view when you need it
  • Instantly toggle camera on and off
  • No need for second screen
  • Saves space on your desktop

Accommodates viewing all shapes and sizes of objects

  • Can be placed over virtually any type of object
  • Can be used to view items that won’t fit under a desktop CCTV (e.g. large boxes and consumer products)

Quick Setup

  • Camera and stand are setup in seconds

Camera User Interface
Camera Settings Dialog

New in ZoomText 10

ZoomText’s Enhanced WebFinder allows you to search webpages for specific words or phrases, or skim through pages to find items of interest. As you navigate through the page each item you come to is highlighted and announced. When an item of interest is found you can have WebFinder start reading aloud from that location. If the item is a link to another page you can have WebFinder execute the link and continue your search on the new page.

All of these actions are performed using WebFinder’s simple toolbar and keyboard commands. The WebFinder toolbar also has a popup dialog that displays a list of page elements (headings, links, controls, etc.) that can be filtered and sorted to quickly find information. The power and flexibility of WebFinder makes web browsing fast, efficient and more productive.

Key benefits and advantages

  • Allows you to search for specific words and phrases
  • Allows you to skim webpages for items of interest
  • Reads aloud from your selected point of interest
  • Has a user friendly toolbar and keyboard commands
  • Makes navigating the web fast and efficient
  • Increases productivity

WebFinder User Interface - Page View
WebFinder User Interface – Page View

WebFinder User Interface - List View
WebFinder User Interface – List View

ZoomText provides a wide range of magnification levels, allowing you to enlarge everything according to your needs. You can instantly zoom in or out at any time using keyboard commands or the mouse wheel.

ZoomText magnification levels include:

1x    1.25x    1.5x    1.75x    2x    2.5x    3x    4x    5x    6x    7x    8x    9x    10x    12x    14x    16x    20x    24x    28x    32x    36x

1x Magnification

2x Magnification

4x Magnification

8x Magnification

Eight different zoom windows allow you to choose which part of the screen is magnified.

A zoom window displays a magnified view of the computer screen. You can think of a zoom window as a magnifying glass held in front of the screen. A zoom window only displays a portion of the screen at any one time, but by scrolling its magnified contents, you can view any area of the screen.

ZoomText provides eight zoom window types: Full, Overlay, Lens, Line and four Docked positions. Each of these windows offer a unique way of viewing what is on the screen. At any time, you can switch zoom window types to accommodate a different task or application environment.

Full Window

Full Window (with Freeze Window)




Docked Top

Docked Bottom

Docked Left

Docked Right

xFont technology displays high-definition text that’s easy to read at all magnification levels. Smooth, bold and condense settings allow you to fine-tune the thickness and spacing of text for added legibility.

With other screen magnifiers, the clarity of text is degraded in the magnified view. As a result, many fonts (text characters) are difficult to read, including small fonts, serif and italic fonts, and cursive fonts.

With ZoomText’s revolutionary ‘xFont‘ technology, you’ll see amazingly clear text at all magnification levels. All types and sizes of text are displayed with high-definition clarity, in all of your applications. Once you’ve seen xFont, no other screen magnifier will do.

Text in several different fonts in MS Word magnified
Standard Magnification – jaggy and squiggly
Text in several different fonts in MS Word magnified with xFont
with xFont Magnification

Use two monitors to expand your magnified viewing area, or use the second monitor to share a magnified or unmagnified view of your desktop with another person or group.

ZoomText’s Dual Monitor Support allows you to extend your magnified viewing area to a second screen, or simultaneously share a magnified or unmagnified view of your desktop on a second screen for others to see.

Primary Span extends ZoomText’s magnified view across the primary and secondary monitors, doubling the amount of information that can be seen at any time. With twice as much information in view you can work with greater speed and comfort than is possible when using a single monitor:

Two side by side monitors with a virtual desktop spanning two monitors

Primary Clone displays the same magnified view on your primary and secondary monitors. This mode is useful when two or more users need to see the same magnified view, but are not seated so that they can share a single monitor:

Two monitors displaying the same magnified view

Primary with 1x displays a magnified view on your primary monitor and an unmagnified view on your secondary monitor. This mode is useful when a low vision user and normal-sighted user are working together on the same system. The low vision user can zoom in to the desired level (on the primary monitor) while the normal-sighted user sees the unmagnified view on the secondary monitor:

Two side by side monitors with a virtual desktop spanning two monitors

ZoomText’s Screen Enhancements improve the clarity of everything on your computer screen.

Innovative colour controls improve screen clarity and reduce eyestrain. Special effects include colour dyes, two-colour modes and replacement of problem colors.

White text on black backgroundColour enhancements improve clarity of text and graphics, providing easier viewing and reduced eyestrain. The colour enhancement options consist of a variety of filter effects that adjust colour, contrast and brightness. You can choose from preset colour schemes or configure your own custom colour settings.

Large green crosshair on the mouse pointerPointer enhancements make it easy to locate and follow the mouse pointer. You can adjust the size and colour of the pointer and activate a locator that emphasises the pointer’s position on the screen. You can choose from preset pointer schemes or configure your own custom pointer settings:

Text cursor with enlarged top and bottom arrowsCursor enhancements make it easy to locate and follow the text cursor. A choice of high visibility locators mark the cursor’s position, without obscuring the surrounding text. You can choose from preset cursor schemes or configure your own custom cursor settings:

Red outline on the focussed buttonFocus enhancements make it easy to locate and follow the control focus when you tab and arrow key through menus, dialogs, toolbars, and other application controls. You can choose from preset focus schemes or configure your own custom focus settings:

ZoomText’s Desktop and Text Finders allow you to quickly find applications and documents and text within the active application or the entire screen. With intuitive filters and search tools, you can quickly find any item of interest.

Desktop Finder iconThe Desktop Finder helps you find and open programs and documents that reside in your Windows desktop environment – including the quick launch bar, system tray, control panel and My Documents folder. Learn how the Desktop Finder works.

Text Finder iconThe Text Finder allows you to instantly locate words or phrases within any application or document window, or the entire screen. Learn how the Text Finder works.

With ZoomText’s application settings, you can define custom settings for each application that you use. For example, you can configure ZoomText to display your web browser using Full zoom at 2x magnification, and your word processor using line zoom at 4x magnification. As you switch between them, ZoomText automatically loads the selected settings:

Ai Squared web page
Internet Explorer: Full zoom at 2x
Microsoft Word line zoom
Microsoft Word: Line zoom at 4x

Additional Features

Full Windows Logon Support (with ZoomText Logon UI)

New in ZoomText 10

ZoomText’s logon support is now available in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. ZoomText’s logon support provides essential magnification and screen reading features when logging into Windows.

Smooth Navigation

Navigating your applications and scrolling the view is always smooth and comfortable. Constrained mouse movement allows you to examine rows and columns, and keeps you within the active window.

Why should I buy ZoomText when magnification is already built into Windows 7?

ZoomText offers a more complete set of features for people who suffer from visual impairments or those who simply need magnification to alleviate the strains of extended computer usage.

For those who have visual impairments and rely on their computer for work, home usage or just to communicate with family and friends ZoomText is a fully featured program designed to make your computer easier to use. Why rely on basic technology when you can put ZoomText to work for you?

While the new magnifier in Windows 7 is an improvement from past technologies, its feature set and capabilities are still far below those of ZoomText.


Click here to view testimonials of ZoomText at Ai Squared website (opens in a new windows).

Want more?

ZoomText 10 Magnifier/Reader gives you powerful magnification PLUS integrated screen reading. Magnifier/Reader reads aloud everything on the screen – email, internet, applications and documents – with unmatched quality and performance.

The Perfect Compliment

The ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard is the perfect combination to ZoomText Magnifier and ZoomText Magnifier/Reader (versions 9.03 or later). Used together, your low-vision computer workstation is complete.

Can I install ZoomText Magnifier Single User Licensed software on 2 or more computers?

You can install and activate ZoomText 10 Magnifier single-user licensed software on up to three computers (in accordance with the ZoomText Software Licence Agreement). Multiple activations are provided to accommodate individuals that use more than one computer, such as a home computer, a work computer and a laptop computer.

While ZoomText 10 Magnifier may be installed on up to three computers, concurrent use on two (2) or more computers is not authorised without purchasing additional single-user licences or a ZoomText Magnifier multi-user licence.

System Requirements and ResourcesexpandClick to collapse

  • Windows
    • Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, XP
    • System Memory: Minimum 1 GB MB RAM for Windows 7 and Vista (2 GB recommended); Minimum 512 MB required for Windows XP (1 GB recommended)
    • Hard Drive Space: 50 MB
    • Processor: 1.5 GHz processor for Windows 7 or Vista; 1 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent for Windows XP
    • USB 2.0 (for external webcam support)

View / Download

Online Training and Webinars

ZoomText 10 Magnifier is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

ZoomText 10 Magnifier is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Access to computers

Users can access ZoomText 10 Magnifier in the following ways:

  • Mouse/ Trackball/ Joystick
  • Keyboard

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:

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