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Link recorded speech to your photos, language and sentence cards

VoicePodHow to use the VoicePodThe VoicePod is an inexpensive digital recording and playback system ideal for photos, language cards and personal mementos. It features 36 reusable, two-sided sleeves, each with an ID strip to access recordings. That means you can have up to 72 messages stored on the easy-to-use, portable VoicePod!

Make your own affordable talking cards!

Here’s how it works:

  • Put the information you want in a sleeve. Use language cards with words, phrases or sentences; symbols with text, photos that tell a story. Each sleeve has a code read by the VoicePod and a transparent flap.
  • Slide a sleeve into pod and record up to a nine-second message by pressing REC button and talking into MIC. A record/lock feature prevents accidental erasures. Remove the sleeve and put it in clear plastic storage box.
  • To allow the message to be played, the teacher slides the sleeve into the VoicePod. The student presses “PLAY” to replay the message anytime the sleeve is in the pod. Attach the PRESS/PLAY bar for easier access to messages.
  • Erase or re-record a message as many times as you like


Use the VoicePod for:

  • Greeting a teacher or a peer
  • Making a talking picture schedule
  • Learning sight words
  • Giving a voice to talking PECS
  • Creating sentences or multiple-choice tests

Includes two AAA batteries. Size: 11.1cm x 11.4cm (4⅜” x 4½”)

VoicePod is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

VoicePod is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Communication
  • Life Skills
  • Organisational Skills

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:


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Includes 36 re-usable sleeves for up to 72 messages
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