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Smooth Talker

by Pretorian Technologies Ltd


Versatility and simplicity in one single switch communicator!

4 Smooth Talkers: blue, yellow, green and red

Smooth Talker. Click to see larger image.
Smooth Talker side-view showing its low profile. Click to see larger image.
Smooth Talker with symbol holder and showing LED mode indicators. Click to see larger image.
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With a modern and stylish design Smooth Talker is one of the most versatile, single and sequential message, Communicator currently on the market.

Up to two minutes high quality recording time with the option of:

  • single message
  • sequential
  • and random message playback.

Add another switch (using a standard jack plug – or use a wireless it-Switch) for two message functionality as well as auditory scanning and a co-operative mode.

Smooth Talker comes with built-in wireless technology ready to use with Simply Works toy controllers and it-Click-On Plus.

For positive reinforcement and additional motivation toys or appliances can be attached and a message assigned to activate the toy/appliance. Smooth Talker is the only Communicator with both wired and wire-free connectivity options for toys and appliances and, uniquely, can activate two toys/appliances simultaneously.


  • Large (125mm), low profile, switch activation area with tactile and auditory feedback
  • Two minutes recording time
  • Two loud speakers
  • 1.4 watt amplifier
  • Fits standard BIGmack mounting plate
  • Built-in Simply Works wireless technology
  • Easy programming using LED mode indicators
  • Volume control with on/off button
  • 3.5mm switch input socket
  • 3.5mm toy control socket
  • Built-in symbol holder
  • Available in red, blue, yellow and green
  • Toy control label supplied
  • 9v battery included

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Smooth Talker is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

Smooth Talker is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Communication
  • Choosing with a switch


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