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by AMDi Advanced Multimedia Devices Inc


New generation, new design... gives you more messages, easier access, better durability and affordability with AMDi's Smart series augmentative and alternative communication devices!

Shelf Stock Clearance - Existing stock now available at this reduced price while stocks last!

Smart/SpeakAMDi’s Smart/Speak is a light-weight multi-level augmentative and alternative communication device with 6 levels for a total of up to 192 messages.

As the Smart Series family continues growing, the Smart/Speak maintains all of the functions, features and benefits of the Tech Series. Durability and affordability are preserved at the highest of standards.

Featuring Real Voice audio reproduction and Time Lock memory technology renowned in the Tech Series communication family, non-volatile high-quality voice messages can be stored for up to 100 years with no power.

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Like the rest of the family, the Smart/Speak is manufactured to the highest commercial standard to provide many years of reliable performance, and is supported by AMDi’s 3-month limited warranty, including parts and labour.


New improvements include:
  • Quick recording on the device – no more waiting for the light to flash, just press record, select a location, press and record – same as the Tech Series devices.
  • Faster response time – redesigned circuitry with a dual CPU processor giving the device the ability to speed up the rate of message response time and eliminating delay time between selecting your location and hearing the message being spoken
  • Enhanced sound quality – new amplifier and a 7.6cm (3 inch) speaker giving the Smart Series devices the best sound in the AMDi range
  • External level select switch added – on the rear panel of the device – this will give a choice of manually changing levels or using the sensors for overlay recognition
  • Overlay Designer Pro software is included with every Smart Series device

  • Interchangeable Flash Memory System
    External Flash memory storage for the voice messages – each Flash memory card holds up to six levels of messages, allowing for unlimited number of levels simply by swapping memory cards
  • Smart Overlay System
    Sample Smart Overlay Each overlay can be keyed by simply punching a hole in the designated area, using a standard hole punch. This will make changing levels quick and easy. Simply change the overlay and the level is changed accordingly. The device simply senses the hole pattern on the overlay to determine the level. View close-up image of overlays
  • Real-Voice high-quality audio reproduction
  • Time-Lock recording control technology
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • Light-touch water resistant membrane panel
  • Light-weight and portable (shoulder strap included)
  • Removable top grid for easy cleaning
  • Screw-secured flash-memory door for tamper proof resistant operation
  • Low battery indicator light
  • Slimmer housing design
  • Carrying handle
  • External speaker and record jacks for increased flexibility
  • NEW! Now includes Overlay Designer Pro software to create interchangeable Smart Overlays (no need to punch holes in overlay).


  • Record and playback 32 messages per level on a light-touch membrane panel
  • 6 levels for up to 192 independent messages (per flash memory card)
  • Standard message length of 10 seconds per message
  • Each location is a square picture size of 3 cm (1.25”).

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Smart/Speak is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

Smart/Speak is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Communication

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:


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Shelf Stock Clearance - Existing stock now available at this reduced price while stocks last! Six levels with 32 x 10 second messages per level
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Shelf Stock Clearance - Existing stock now available at this reduced price while stocks last!
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