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AAC in Your Pocket!

Please Note: Spectronics no longer sells Proloquo2Go after close of business on December 24th 2010. For details of our reasons for having to make this decision, visit the Spectronics Blog. If you have any questions at all about this change, please contact us on mail@spectronicsinoz.com

Note: We will, of course, continue to provide support in use of Proloquo2Go to customers who have purchased a Proloquo2Go Annual Support Package from Spectronics. On expiration of the current packages, no further support for Proloquo2Go will be provided by Spectronics. We will direct you to iTunes or directly to the developer at Assistiveware to assist with your queries or for purchasing the program.

Proloquo2Go fits in your pocket

Proloquo2Go runs on iPads now too

Proloquo2Go is a new product from AssistiveWare that provides a full-featured communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking.


Proloquo2o Home pageFlexible and innovative features

  • Natural sounding text-to-speech Acapela voices (US English male, female, girl and boy voices initially – British English voices will soon be available as an option). Support for other languages is in the pipeline.
  • Close to 8000 up-to-date SymbolStix symbols
  • Supports picture and/or text-based communication
  • Flexible VocaSpace vocabulary of over 7000 items
  • Powerful automatic conjugations by Ultralingua Grammatica technology
  • Automatic plurals and possessives for nouns
  • Extensive customisation options: item size, colour, interactivity, restrictions, speech
  • Choice of list or grid view
  • One-button addition of new vocabulary items and categories
  • Easy cut, copy and paste of items
  • Quick access to recently spoken items for the last 15 minutes / last hour, all the way up to one week back
  • Typing view for typing full paragraphs
  • Extremely easy to use on the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

“The price is so compelling, and the software and hardware platform it runs on so radically improved over current devices in its category, that if not quite a paradigm shift, markedly raises the bar for accessibility, ease of use, and affordability.” – Dan Herlihy, AT Specialist, Connective Technology Solutions

A 4x4 communication grid featuring SymbolStix symbols on the iPhoneA 2x2 feelings communication grid on the iPhoneOnscreen keyboard on the iPhone with Proloquo2Go symbolisation of text

Who would use it?

Proloquo2Go is a great solution for any user who wants a small, lightweight and yet powerful communication system. It is a perfect solution for anyone who cannot afford spending thousands of dollars on an AAC device and yet wants a solution that in terms of sheer communication power and easy of use rivals solutions typically priced over 10 times as high.

Perfect for teenagers and young adults who want a device as cool as the iPhone or iPod touch or iPad. Not to mention, this a great solution for children and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, developmental disabilities, or apraxia.

Proloquo2Go can also serve adults with acquired disabilities such as Motor Neurone Disease (ALS), stroke or traumatic brain injury. It can be a useful solution in hospital and rehabilitation settings.

“Proloquo2Go allows the user, especially tween, teen and young adult users, to be “just like the other kids” in terms of carrying something everyone else carries. I am so impressed with the language and cognitive pieces of the software.” – Kate Ahern, M.S.Ed., Special Educator and Blogger

Who benefits from it?

  • Special education teachers, speech pathologists and occupational therapists have found Proloquo2Go a proven communication solution for children and adults who can access the iPod touch.
  • Teachers see it as a cost-effective solution for special education.
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication specialists love the ease of programming and customisation.
  • Users love Proloquo2Go because it is not only powerful, but it runs on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • Parents appreciate the system because it is easy to program and makes their children cool.

Proloquo2Go can be used as a companion to a table top device or as a user’s sole AAC device.

“Proloquo2Go is extremely user friendly, and easy to figure out how to program – particularly for someone like myself who is not particularly tech savvy.” – Kristen Chao, M.S. CCC-SLP, Senior Speech Language Pathologist, Kennedy Krieger Institute

Proloquo2o Last 15 minutes Recents listHow does it work?

If you know how to use an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad you know how to use Proloquo2Go. While Proloquo2Go has a lot of advanced features the basics are extremely simple and easy.

  • To build a sentence: Use the Grid or List view to quickly tap items that optionally speak as they get inserted into the Message window
  • To automatically get access to conjugations, plurals or possessives: Hold one of the items
  • To speak your sentence: Tap the message window
  • To store a sentence: Hit the plus button to permanently add the sentence to your vocabulary in a category of choice. Select a symbol for your new item in the Symbol Chooser or pick a photo from your library, or, on the iPhone, take a picture.
  • Quick access to Recents list: Select the Recents view and have Proloquo2Go speak one of the things you said an hour ago
  • Automatic symbolisation: Go to the Typing view and use the iPhone keyboard to type a paragraph. Hit save and your text is auto-magically symbolised.
  • Fully customisable: Go to the Proloquo2Go section of the iPhone/iPod/iPad Settings App and Disable images, have smaller or bigger items, change background and text colours, restrict editing and more.

“The best part of Proloquo2Go is that there is little to no programming involved! In the three weeks that my student has been using it I have only felt the need to program three buttons. I have quickly changed some text (i.e.: school, address, age) but that’s it! It is so rare to get something new and not have to change it to make it work for my population!” – Sarah Gorham, Occupational Therapist and AT Specialist, Simmons College Assistive Technology Graduate Program Instructor

Proloquo2o My SpacesThe VocaSpace vocabulary

The basic structure of Proloquo2Go is made to utilise the best of both worlds: word based construction and powerful phrases. So whether you are chatting with a friend, answering a question about a current event, or constructing a story to tell later in the day, the system is designed to be easy and effective for a broad range of individuals.

The VocaSpace vocabulary set includes a number of primary features:

  • A core vocabulary system called Word Spaces.
  • A Basics section with categories like: greetings, manners, questions, jokes and more.
  • Extensive Categories such as living creatures, colours, places, people, transportation, etc.
  • My Spaces: where you can put a range of personal vocab such as My People, My Places, My Family, or My Friends, and more.
  • An alternative keyboard that is larger than the default iPhone and iPod keyboard. (only works within the list/grid view).
  • Starters are a way to quickly branch using phrases and words.
  • Spaces is a place to launch out into context specific categories. The primary Spaces are Home, Community, School, and Work. Inside each space is a section for activities, chat phrases and whatever else you would like to include.
  • School includes a wide range of school related vocabulary.

While VocaSpace covers a wide range of communication needs it is meant to be used as a starting point for your own custom vocabulary. With the powerful and easy editing features of Proloquo2Go you can very quickly create novel core vocab sets, new categories, or even a completely new user space!

Listen to Acapela Text-to-Speech demo online. (Note: this is representative only – the sound quality is dependent on the speakers and software used on the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad device)

4 Steps to Proloquo2Go

There are only four steps to have this cool, powerful, portable, affordable Proloquo2Go AAC tool working for you: Try an iPod/iPhone/iPad, get one, get speakers and download Proloquo2Go.

Proloquo2Go is purchased from the iTunes store. This is because this software has to be installed on the iPod/iPhone/iPad using the computer that it will be backed up to. To install Proloquo2Go you will need iTunes installed on your computer (Windows XP/Vista/7 or MAC OS X). You will then need to have an internet connection and be able to download the application through iTunes.

Note: Before ordering this product, we strongly recommend you should first try and see whether you can successfully use the touch interface on the iPod touch / iPhone / iPad (try one from a friend or family member or at an Apple reseller) so that you can feel comfortable with using this device for communication.

Users’ stories and testimonials

“There are limited options for AAC users who would like a portable, sophisticated device with good voice quality, extensive vocabulary, that is affordable – Proloquo2Go offers all of this and more!” – Betsy Caporale, AT Specialist

“One day, some of the older Scouts were sitting on the risers using their iPhones… Ryan went up to them (they are friends of his older brother) and sat next to them with his iPod touch and started using Proloquo2Go with them. They were intrigued that this “little kid” was using a cool iPod touch to talk!! Instead of ignoring him completely, they included him in what they were doing.” – Krista, Mother of Ryan in above video

“I like having something handy and cool. I love my Vmax, but I can’t use it in crowded places or when at ball games cause I can’t use my Tracker and see at the same time. Proloquo2Go lets me use an iPhone which everyone thinks is cool and it is so easy to understand. Even though I need help (someone to hold it and scan with me), people come in close and I like how personal it is. People aren’t afraid of it and get so excited that an iPhone is my voice!” – Nichole, 15 year old user of AAC, severe orthopaedic and speech disabilities

“I love Proloquo2Go and the power and simplicity it gives my daughter! What a cool way to share and fit in; to connect with people on a personal basis. The more we get to play with it, the more we see possibilities and opportunities to give Nichole a chance to share her wit and charm with others.” – Valerie, mom to Nichole

“It is the most powerful AAC tool I’ve tried, yet it’s the simplest to use.” – Kara Lynn, Adult AAC User

“One of the main benefits that I have found, is the small size and it’s portability. I am currently using Proloquo2Go with a 20 year female client who was highly resistant to using standard AAC devices due to their large size. However, she is willing to use the Proloquo2Go since it doesn’t hold the stigma of being ‘different’ or being ‘disabled’.” – Kristen Chao M.S. CCC-SLP, Kennedy Krieger Institute

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Requirements and ResourcesexpandClick to collapse

Minimum System Requirements for Installation of Proloquo2Go
  • iPhone or iPod touch or iPad (all generations)
    Note: The Proloquo2Go app is 222 MB in size
  • Windows XP SP2, Vista or Windows 7 32-bit edition, Mac OS X
  • iTunes software if not already installed (free download)
  • QuickTime 7.5.5 software if not already installed (free download)

View / Download


Proloquo2Go is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • Mid Primary
  • Upper Primary
  • Secondary School
  • Adult

Proloquo2Go is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Communication
  • Music
  • Use of assistive technology

Users can access Proloquo2Go in the following ways:

  • Touchscreen

For more information on "Proloquo2Go" read the following articles:

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:


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