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Health Care Communication Board Tablets

by Greenhouse Publications


Fast and easy to use! Simply touch a picture to request wants and needs!

Health Care Communication Board side 1. Click to see larger image.
Health Care Communication Board side 2. Click to see larger image.
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Communication between patient and caregiver is vital and when that ability to communicate is lost or impaired by illness, trauma, medical process or language barriers, communication is more vital!

For these reasons author, Joan Green and illustrator, Linda Comerford, with the help and guidance of professional, hands-on nurses and speech pathologists have produced one of the finest, most thorough, ready-made health care communication boards available on the market today!

This 2-sided board, made with sturdy card stock, comes on a tear-off tablet. A must-have for hospitals, rehab units, acute care, emergency rooms, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, clinics, hospice care and in the home.

Appropriate for use by doctors, nurses, speech pathologists, EMT, medical technicians, healthcare workers and families.


  • Pain scale for determining where and how bad one hurts
  • 68-clear, 4-colour pictures depicting wants, needs, ailments, comforts, questions, emotions, etc.
  • Easy to understand instructions for patient response alternatives
  • Alphabet for spelling out words
  • Numbers for numerical information


  • Helps ease patient distress
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Well-organised
  • Disposable for infection control
  • Inexpensive and ready-made
  • Adaptable – can be folded, cut or written on

Includes 4 tablets, each with 50 sheets.

Health Care Communication Board Tablets is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

Health Care Communication Board Tablets is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Communication


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Includes 4 tablets, each with 50 sheets
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