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A safety-proven pointing device for communicating

GEWA Laser PointerLaser pointers may be used in lectures to point to projected information. They can also be used by someone to point to items on a communication board or wall chart. The type of laser pointers used in lectures can be purchased very inexpensively. The Laser Pointer from GEWA, however is specifically designed to be used as an accessing tool for communication. The laser emits a red point of light that is used to point at various objects in the surroundings such as text, symbols, pictures and real objects.

The DIFFERENCE with this laser pointer is the safety factor.
Regular laser pointers can cause damage to the retina if they are projected directly into someone’s eye. They are graded as safe for public use as they project a visible light that cannot harm the skin. However, care should be taken not to direct the laser into someone’s eyes.

The GEWA Laser Pointer is a Class 2 laser with an output of 0.65mW. The output power has been reduced from 1mW to 0.65mW, meaning that the exposure time has been increased 5 times. (according to standard EN-60825-1-1994).

The GEWA Laser Pointer has an altered output such that in order to damage the retina, the laser beam must be held absolutely still, fixed on one specific spot, and not moved for approximately 4 seconds – which is virtually impossible. This means that the GEWA Laser Pointer has a security time 16 times greater than the regular type of laser pointer used in lectures. This is significant when the person using the laser pointer is wearing it on his or her head and pointing to a communication board or a wall chart. When eye contact is made with a communication partner, the laser pointer may be inadvertently directed into the partner’s eyes.

The GEWA Laser Pointer has been used successfully in a hospital, with patients in bed who use a communication charts mounted on the wall. Although these particular patients had a diagnosis of motor neurone disease (ALS), this application may be relevant to others regardless of the diagnosis.

Please do not use regular laser pointers for communication access. They are dangerous. Safe use of lasers in Schools.

GEWA Laser Pointer Features

  • reaches 6 to 7 metres
  • Swedish approval for laser class II
  • rechargeable battery lasting approximately 20 hours
  • yellow button can be used as on/off
  • external single switch can be attached for alternate on/off

GEWA Laser Pointer is supplied with:

  • battery charger
  • holder for the laser pointer, which can be sewn onto a cap or headband
  • control unit
  • laser
  • manual
  • a plastic holder for the laser, with 4 holes for attaching it; cables ties, Velcro


  • laser power 0.65 mW (class 2 – up to 1mW)
  • laser dimensions 54 × 10 mm, weighs 40 grams
  • control unit dimensions 55 × 95 × 23 mm, weighs 120 grams
  • conditions for use – indoor / dry
  • battery charger Mascot Fast Charger 8715
  • batteries NiCad 3 x R6 600 mAh
  • operating time on full charge – up to 20 hours of continuous use
  • Made in Sweden

GEWA Laser Pointer is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • Mid Primary
  • Upper Primary
  • Secondary School
  • Adult

GEWA Laser Pointer is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Communication

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:


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