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Flip 'n Talk

by Nancy Inman and Mayer-Johnson, LLC


A low-tech solution which provides access to a large organised symbol vocabulary

Clock-wise from left: Flip 'n Talk Kit shown open on communication board, Flip ' Talk Boardmaker Add-on, Small Flip 'n Talk (blue), Large Flip 'n Talk (yellow)

Flip ‘n Talk Book

Flip ‘n Talk by Nancy Inman, M.A.T.,CCC-SLP is a sturdy spiral-bound set of 15 vinyl strips with picture tabs. Vocabulary may be placed on both sides of the strips giving the user access to up to 30 categories of symbol strips. Flip ‘n Talk may be attached with Velcro to the Communication Board or to the top of an electronic communication device such as the AlphaTalker, Macaw, Hawk, SuperHawk, DigiVox, and Voice-in-a-Box. It does not fit well on the Tech/Talk and Tech/Speak – but does fit well on the Partner/Four.

Coloured sticker labels for the category tabs and coloured vocabulary strips are supplied with the Flip ‘n Talk.

The Flip ‘n Talk book comes in two sizes:

The Flip ‘n Talk book flips over so both the front and back are used to display symbol strips.

Flip ‘n Talk Add-on CD for Boardmaker

The Flip ‘n Talk CD contains three levels of communication overlays (6, 8 and 32 squares) Boardmaker overlays ready to print. It also includes the vocabulary strip templates with PCS and allows for easy customisation. You can print to labels (not provided) to stick to the Flip ‘n Talk vinyl strips, or you can print to US letter sized paper 21.6cm x 27.9cm (8.5” x 11”) to use in the Communication Board pockets.

Flip ‘n Talk Kits

Large Flip 'n Talk and colour sticker labels

The Flip ‘n Talk is also available in kit form which includes

  • a durable vinyl spiral-bound Flip ‘n Talk unit (small or large)
  • Flip ‘n Talk Add-on CD for Boardmaker with overlays and templates
  • colour PCS sticker labels and vocabulary strips
  • a rigid vinyl Communication Board

Symbols are included on the CD and on the sticker labels.

Flip 'n Talk is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

Flip 'n Talk is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Communication
  • Resource preparation

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:


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  Code Media Platform $AUD
Includes small Flip 'n Talk, Boardmaker Add-on CD-ROM (requires Boardmaker v.5) and Communication Board
MJM412 CD-ROM, Resource Mac, Win $89.00 $0.00
Includes large Flip 'n Talk, Boardmaker Add-on CD-ROM (requires Boardmaker v.5) and Communication Board
MJM413 CD-ROM, Resource Mac, Win $89.00 $0.00
MJM410 Resource $59.00 $0.00
MJM411 Resource $69.00 $0.00
Can be used for Flip 'n Talk. Symbols not included
MJM773 Resource $29.00 $0.00
Requires Boardmaker version 5 for Windows or Mac
MJM137 CD-ROM Mac, Win $59.00 $0.00

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