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DynaVox EyeMax Accessory for DynaVox Vmax and Maestro Series

by DynaVox Technologies


Say it with your eyes

Available in Australia now!

DynaVox Vmax with EyeMax Accessory. Click to see larger image.
DynaVox Maestro with EyeMax Accessory. Click to see larger image.
DynaVox Vmax with EyeMax Accessory. Click to see larger image.
DynaVox Vmax with EyeMax Accessory in use. Click to see larger image.
Augie Nieto using a DynaVox Vmax with EyeMax Accessory. Click to see larger image.
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The DynaVox EyeMax Accessory is DynaVox’s most advanced eye-access method available to communicators using the DynaVox Vmax+, Vmax or Maestro. It enables users of a DynaVox Vmax or Maestro series device to access their communication device using their eyes, giving individuals direct, non-intrusive access to the powerful features of the DynaVox series 5 devices.

Note: EyeMax Accessory is compatible with Maestro units with serial numbers starting with “MDC” only.

With a simple blink or by dwelling on the desired area of the screen an augmented communicator will be able access all of the current capabilities and content of the DynaVox Vmax or Maestro series device. The new EyeMax Accessory can be added to any Vmax+ / Vmax or Maestro that has 1GB RAM and can be removed as the user’s needs, settings and access requirements change.

“… We’ve looked at them all; we’ve determined that the Vmax – which is the latest DynaVox product – is a great core product. It’s the best core product on the market.

… Some of the other eye trackers are not very reliable – not very accurate I should say – but the DynaVox eye tracker is very accurate and we’ve been very pleased.”
Troy Jurgensen, technology assistant to Augie Nieto (founder of Life Fitness, Chairman of the ALS TDI [Motor Neurone Disease Therapy Development Institute], Chairman of the ALS Division of the MDA [Muscular Dystrophy Association], Chief Inspirational Officer of Augie’s Quest and a DynaVox EyeMax user)

Augie Nieto – EyeMax Eye Tracking AAC Device

Communicator Profile

The EyeMax System can be used by people of all ages and cognitive abilities with direct vision in one or both eyes. It provides freedom for limited head movement, eliminating the need to manually focus the system. The EyeMax System can be used by individuals with Cerebral Palsy, Motor Neurone Disease (ALS), spinal cord injuries and many other genetic and degenerative conditions, as well as those:

  • Seeking a faster access method than is available with scanning
  • Needing customisation options
  • Wearing contact lenses or glasses
  • Using both eyes or a single eye
  • Functioning with a degree of controlled head movement

Note: For full control over the system, the user should have the ability to look up, down, left and right. For those with limited vertical or horizontal movement, special pages can be made to allow access. Requires adequate vision to view the screen and to gaze on all areas of the 12.1-inch Vmax series (or 10.4-inch Maestro) display, located approximately 60 cm in front of the user’s eyes. The user must have the ability to focus on one spot for a brief period of time.

Features and Benefits

The EyeMax System is designed with the user in mind. The DynaVox Vmax and Maestro series are designed to withstand moisture, temperature and the impact of daily use, and provides an array of access methods for users of AAC. The EyeMax System’s size and wide range of positioning options allow a user to communicate while maintaining the field of view necessary to navigate a wheelchair and effectively interact with a communication partner. The EyeMax Accessory is:

  • Durable and Portable
    • Includes an internal battery for portability and freedom of movement
    • Fully-enclosed in durable, moulded polycarbonate
    • Attaches to the Vmax+ / Vmax or Maestro easily, securely and without the need for tools using a steel bracket
    • Mounts to the Vmax+ / Vmax or Maestro device for positioning as close as 43 cm to the user, aiding in a wheelchair mounting solutions
    • Functional with a standard (open) or dedicated (closed) Vmax or Maestro series device

  • Reliable
    • Includes rapid, stable calibration, eliminating the need for frequent recalibration or caregiver intervention
    • Functions in all light conditions in which the screen is viewable by the user
    • Emits less infrared light than other similar systems
    • Includes a full, one-year DynaCare service agreement with extended contracts available

  • Intuitive
    • Connects to the Vmax or Maestro series device quickly without the need for tools
    • Takes moments to set up for quick communication
    • Maintains calibration as long as a user’s needs remain unchanged
    • Eliminates the need to wear accessories or touch an object

  • Flexible
    • Provides access to built-in infrared environmental control functions
    • Allows the user to adjust settings and program content independently
    • Portability is effortless in any setting with the internal battery
    • Provides access to all content in Series 5 software
DynaVox Vmax with EyeMax screenshot.

Navigator Page Set – Easy navigation, fast communication for Literate Adult Users

Navigator, included on every new V+ and Vmax+, offers all of the powerful features of Series 5 Software in manageable pieces, allowing you to choose the features best-suited to your needs. The interface provides quick access to speech, email, internet, computer, ebooks and environmental controls. Pages are structured, and buttons sized, with simplicity in mind, making it ideal for use with the EyeMax System.

  • An alphabet-based core word strategy, Navigator content is based on the most common core words used in daily communication
  • Includes the adult, independent vocabulary of InterAACt, with a focus on social interaction and natural communication
  • Intuitive for literate users and designed to support fast, easy and independent communication
  • Alphabetised keyboards allow communicators to choose a single letter and access 12 of the most common core words beginning with the selected letter
  • Also includes important pre-programmed phrases commonly used by adults. Pre-programmed content is arranged on pages within three main categories:
    • My Conversation – Supports natural communication in social settings
    • My Needs – Enables the communication of medical or personal needs
    • My Home – Helps individuals share topics related to daily events

    Find out more about Navigator (pdf)

InterAACt for Children and Adults

The EyeMax System provides access to all InterAACt content. InterAACt is a language framework that allows people of all ages and abilities to communicate. It contains over 10,000 pages of pre-programmed content, organised by age (young child through adult) and ability (emergent to independent). These pages contain visual scenes as well as grid-based pages, all of which are accessible using the EyeMax System.

Access Methods

The eye gaze access methods available with the EyeMax Accessory include:

  • Dwell Only – Simply dwell on an object for a period of time determined by the user before a selection is activated
  • Dwell/Blink combined – The user dwells on an object for a period of time and can also choose to blink to activate the desired selection more quickly
  • Blink Only – A simple blink enables a user to quickly make desired selections, while allowing him/her to take time reviewing the page
  • Select with Switch – Activation and selection are used with an external switch. The system can also be “powered on” with a switch hit, allowing the user to independently engage the system.
DynaVox Vmax with EyeMax on lightweight mount


Mounting systems used with the Vmax series device also function with the EyeMax Accessory. Compatible mounting plates, including VESA, are available for every major line of mounts. The positioning of the display in relation to the user is important. For best results, the system should be mounted in a position that is 43 cm to 71 cm from the user, parallel to the user’s face. The tilt of the EyeMax Accessory should match the user’s head position. Please contact Spectronics regarding mounting configurations that allow the appropriate freedom of placement.

What’s included with the EyeMax System

  • EyeMax Accessory with internal battery and Vmax+ or Maestro series mounting bracket
  • Power Supply for the EyeMax system
  • DVD with instructional videos
  • EyeMax User’s Guide
  • Handle
  • 1 year of DynaCare warranty

EyeMax Specifications

Dimensions 6.7 × 32 × 7.6 cm (2.5” x 13” x 3”, HxWxD)
Weight1 kg (EyeMax Accessory only), 4.1 kg (EyeMax and Vmax+)
Working distance43 – 71 cm
Volume of allowable head movement15.2 × 23.9 × 27.9 cm (HxWxD)
Battery and powerRechargeable Lithium Ion, with average battery run time of 6 hours


The EyeMax Accessory uses two groups of Infrared Light Emitting Diodes (IR LEDs) to track the eyes. With special system components and pulsing algorithms, it subjects the user to less infrared light than other dark-pupil method eye-tracking systems. The maximum level possible with the EyeMax in any condition does not approach short- or long-term emission limits set by health and industry standards.

Equipment Trial

This product is available for trial through Spectronics’ Equipment Trial Scheme.
Please click here for more information about this scheme and for equipment trial forms.


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Requirements and ResourcesexpandClick to collapse

EyeMax System Requirements

  • Vmax+, Vmax or Maestro with 1GB of RAM
  • Version 1.07.02 or later of the Series 5 Software
  • Mounting System (required for proper positioning of the system)


See how this DynaVox device helps your conditionsexpandClick to collapse

Motor Neurone Disease (ALS)

View online brochureEyeMax enables those with MND/ALS to communicate, control their environment and maintain independence.

View Motor Neurone Disease (ALS) Solutions brochure

Intellectual Disability

View online brochureEyeMax supports communication, language, literacy and social skills development for children and adults.

View Intellectual Disability Solutions brochure

DynaVox EyeMax Accessory for DynaVox Vmax and Maestro Series is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

DynaVox EyeMax Accessory for DynaVox Vmax and Maestro Series is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Access to computers

Users can access DynaVox EyeMax Accessory for DynaVox Vmax and Maestro Series in the following ways:

  • Eye Gaze

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:


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