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The world's leading photographic language cards

These products are no longer available from Spectronics.

ColorCards sets clock-wise from top-left: Everyday Objects, Basic Sequences, Basic Verbs, Emotions, Home, Prepositions and Food

ColorCards are boxed sets of beautifully produced high quality photographs from England. All of the images are easily recognised because of the non-distracting backgrounds. They are printed on high quality stock and laminated for durability and ease of cleaning.

Each card in the Basic Sequences, Emotions, Everyday Objects, Basic Verbs and Prepositions sets is 210 × 148 mm (8.25” by 5.75”). The Food and Home sets are considered ColorLibraries, with each card measuring 105 × 149 mm (4.125” by 5.375”).

Suitable for both children and adults, ColorCards provide unlimited possibilities for language activities, matching, generalising, categorising and more.

Putting shaving cream on

Basic Sequences

This set consists of 48 photographs arranged in 16 three-step sequences. Each sequence shows a well know everyday activity. Demonstrates simple sequentially related actions to help establish basic concepts, and establish an understanding of order and direction, logical thought and expressive language skills. These activities are familiar to all ages and abilities and are a valuable resource in individual and group work for: sequencing, logical thought, expressive language, vocabulary, improving communication skills, doing everyday tasks.

The following demonstrated sequences are included:

  • Changing a baby
  • Dressing to go out in the rain
  • Shaving with an electric razor
  • Laying / setting the table
  • Eating an orange
  • Getting a can of beverage from the fridge
  • Hanging a notice / bulletin board
  • Drawing a picture
  • Making a bed
  • Wrapping a present
  • Looking up a topic in an encyclopaedia
  • Playing a CD
  • Writing a birthday card
  • Shooting a goal
  • Playing a board game
  • Arranging a vase of flowers

Very clear visual stimuli for practising simple sentences and common sequences.

Image of girl hugging a kitten in happiness


These cards enable students to focus on the often difficult subject of emotions. The 48 cards are divided into three groups, each with a different emphasis: individual people, difficult situations, enjoyable situations.

  • Beautifully photographed flashcards designed to promote an awareness of feelings
  • Ideal for working on self-esteem, citizenship and self-expression
  • These pictures of real people in a range of situations will trigger discussion and understanding of facial expressions, postures and other important body language messages.

Use at the one-word common emotion level (sad, happy, mad, surprised), or to discuss more complex feelings (puzzled, thoughtful, relaxed, uncomfortable).

See complete list of cards in this ColorCards: Emotions deck

Image of knife spoon and fork

Everyday Objects

This set consists of 48 carefully selected familiar objects from seven colour-coded categories. The categories are:

  • Food (blue background): apple, biscuits/cookies, bread, cheese, chips/fries, egg, juice, carrots
  • Toys (yellow background): ball, bike, train, cars, doll, paints, drum; animals: giraffe, horse, cow
  • Household objects (purple background): mirror, torch/flashlight; cutlery: knife, fork, spoon, flowers, mug, bowl, saucepan, bin
  • Personal effects (red background): hair, brush, sunglasses, keys, backpack, mobile telephone, umbrella, watch, camera
  • Furnishing/electrical appliances (green background): bed, chair, computer, iron, lamp, table, vacuum cleaner, chest of drawers
  • Clothes (orange background): coat, cap, shorts, shoes, socks, sweater, tee-shirt, jeans

These cards are perfect for naming, vocabulary expansion, listening, and classification activities.

Image of combing

Basic Verbs (In Simple Settings)

This superb set shows 48 commonly seen and easily recognised actions. Actions such as brush, cut, knit, break, carry, point, drink, sleep, talk, clap, crawl, ride, and walk are just a few of the verbs contained in this set. The persons shown are both male and female, young and old, and with varied ethnicity. A great resource for teaching pronouns as well as the often difficult category of verbs.

See complete list of cards in this ColorCards: Basic Verbs deck

Prepositions ColorCards from left: a boy jumping over a rope, a girl in a bucket, and a boy tucked in bed


Illustrates the main prepositions essential to the teaching of basic language. Eight prepositions have been photographed six times (48 cards) in different contexts.

Each set represents a single preposition such as: In, On, Under, Over, Behind/In front, Through, Next to and Between.

The concepts and vocabulary shown relate to common experiences such as a cat on a lap, a little boy hiding behind a chair; while other cards introduce humour with for example, a bear queuing at a bus stop.

The concepts and vocabulary on these cards have been selected so that you can use ColorCards with a wide range of ages, interests and language abilities.

ColorCards: Prepositions can be used for:

  • Building pre-language concepts
  • Developing verbal comprehension
  • Expanding expressive language
  • Extending vocabulary
  • Teaching specific language structures
  • Supplementing a wide range of creative teaching ideas

ColorCards is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

ColorCards is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Early concepts
  • Literacy
  • Communication
  • Life Skills
  • Resource preparation
  • SOSE
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