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Universal - Scan or Point - Computer Access for people with disabilities for Mac OS X

This product is no longer available from Spectronics.

Discover Envoy: Access to the Macintosh for People with DisabilitiesDiscover Envoy onscreen keyboardDiscover Envoy is the latest in access software for the Mac OS X. It is keyboard and mouse replacement software designed to work with the IntelliSwitch wireless switch interface. Envoy is designed for individuals with physical disabilities, and those who are not able to access the Macintosh with the traditional keyboard or mouse.

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How does Discover Envoy work?

  • Pointing Setups (Onscreen Keyboards or OSK) Envoy will allow users of alternative pointing devices, such as the Tracker Pro, access to an onscreen keyboard. All keyboard functions can be controlled from these “virtual” keyboards, as well as many scripted computer functions, like launching an application.
  • Scanning Setups (Automatic Scanning) Envoy also gives one switch automatic scanning and two switch step scanning access to the computer through scanning onscreen Setups. Activation of the switch will bring up a scan array and advance the “scan high-light” to move from one item to the next. Each switch activation selects the high-lighted item. In this manner, all keyboard and mouse functions can be accessed through the use of a single switch.

How do I use the Scanning Setups?

Discover Envoy software is designed to provide switch access to mainstream applications which do not have scanning functionality built-in. Popular computer programs such as Safari, Mail, iTunes and word processing do not have support for switch scanning users. However, Discover Envoy software can make these programs switch-accessible for the switch-scanning user. Discover Envoy software comes with many onscreen keyboards and supports speech that can be turned on or off.

Turn the switch ports of IntelliKeys USB into Discover Switch, or with the brand new wireless IntelliSwitch, you can take advantage of Discover Switch access strategies with the use of up to 5 switches. IntelliSwitch is the easiest way to empower success through switch access.

Switch access users said that they needed better control of their scanning environment. Madentec have now included features like back out scanning – which allows the user to efficiently get out of a scanning group that they had inadvertently scanned to without having to wait for the scan cycle to complete, or start all over by choosing an undesired key. Also included is “transition delay” – which provides an initial pause before the setup is scanned once activated.

Can I use Discover Envoy with the IntelliKeys USB?

With Discover Envoy for Mac OS X software you can make and print Discover overlays and use them on the IntelliKeys USB. This gives you customised, auditory feedback immediately when each key is pressed.


  • Choice of input method Choose scanning (Scan Setups), or onscreen keyboards (Point Setups). Access Point Setups with any mouse pointing device. Access Scan Setups with the IntelliSwitch, wireless switch interface.
  • Auditory feedback Setups may have preset auditory cueing and feedback for each key. Auditory feedback can be Text-to-Speech using the built-in QuickTime voices, or it can be pre-digitised speech.
  • Setups Setups are included that allow access to the entire computer. Older Discover OS 9 Setups, that users may be familiar with, can easily be converted for use with Envoy for Mac OSX. So no need to recreate them.
  • Flexible user preferences Select the scanning speed, mouse speed, type of scanning and many other settings to match user’s access needs.
  • Advanced dwell features Point Setups can be accessed by clicking directly or by dwelling. A new advanced feature called Cumulative Dwell now assists with making selections.
  • Cumulative Dwell explained Some may find it difficult to dwell on a key long enough for a selection to be made or may lack the control to hold the cursor steady. With this feature, a key will begin to “fill up” as you move onto it. If you move off, it will slowly “empty out”. This is similar to a bucket and a garden hose. Imagine a series of buckets next to each other, and as you move the garden hose from one to the other, they each begin to fill up. Eventually the one you leave the hose in the longest will fill to the top. The key that you dwell on the most will eventually fill and be selected.
  • Keyboard Keys A keyboard key is a button which will perform all the functions of a conventional keyboard. When you select a modifier key, such as the shift key, the onscreen keyboard will dynamically switch to show each of the keys as a capital letter. This feature applies to all other modifier keys, such as the command and option keys. In addition, if you change your standard keyboard to an international keyboard, such as French or Spanish, the keyboard keys will automatically change to represent the special keys used by these languages.

Note: Morse Code input is not supported in the current version.

Discover Envoy and IntelliSwitch is the new solution that replaces the Discover:Switch and Discover:Kenx for Mac OS X.

Discover Envoy and IntelliKeys USB is the new solution that replaces the Discover:Board for Mac OS X.

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System Requirements

  • Operating System: Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.3 – 10.6; not compatible with Mac OS X Lion 10.7 (DiscoverPro is the equivalent for Windows users)
  • Processor: 1 GHz G4
  • Memory: 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
  • Hard drive space: 100 MB free
  • IntelliSwitch or Tracker Pro

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Discover Envoy is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

Discover Envoy is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Switch use
  • Access to computers

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:

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