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The perfect wireless or wired switch interface for Windows or Macintosh

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What is IntelliSwitch?

IntelliSwitch is an easy and flexible switch interface. Simply install the driver software, plug a switch into one of IntelliSwitch’s five switch ports, and plug the receiver into your computer’s USB port. Users can then access switch software with one or more switches – wirelessly! IntelliSwitch is compatible with DiscoverPro for Windows and Discover Envoy for Mac OS X software, all IntelliTools software, and most self scanning software. With over 25 functional switch presets, IntelliSwitch is one of the most comprehensive switch interfaces on the market. Computer access has never been so easy – great products, simple choices.

The IntelliSwitch replaces the Discover:Switch and Discover:Kenx. It is a joint collaboration between Madentec and IntelliTools, and is manufactured by Madentec.

Disabilities Addressed

When used with DiscoverPro for Windows or Discover Envoy for Mac OS X software, IntelliSwitch enables individuals with motor impairments to perform all keyboard and mouse functions by simply pressing a switch. It is suitable for people with Cerebral Palsy, Motor Neurone Disease, MS, Locked-in Syndrome, head injuries, and other physical and learning disabilities.

How Does It Work?

Plug the small IntelliSwitch receiver into any USB port on your computer and place the IntelliSwitch transmitter anywhere up to 6 metres (20 feet) away. You now have unrestricted and untethered wireless control of your computer with up to five switches. Are you in a classroom setting? No problem – up to five different students using separate transmitters can use the same computer (at different times) equipped with a single receiver. The two built-in switches make things even easier for teachers, parents, presenters, and trainers. IntelliSwitch is a radio frequency (RF) device, so it will work fine, even if there are physical barriers (such as a wheelchair) between the transmitter and receiver. A supplied USB cable allows you to use IntelliSwitch in wired-mode plugged directly into the computer.

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Features and Benefits

  • Wireless connectivity
    Completely access the computer without wires by plugging in the included USB receiver into a PC or Mac via the USB port. (IntelliSwitch can still connect (wired) using a USB cable if desired.) Wireless operation can be up to 6 metres (20 feet).

    You can connect up to 5 separate IntelliSwitch transmitters with a single USB receiver on the same computer (such as a classroom setting). You can set the receiver to receive 5 separate signals that do not interfere with each other.

  • 5 built-in switch jacks
    5 × 3.5mm jacks to connect external switches to accommodate user’s physical access needs. Allow practitioners, teachers or family members to assist the user.
  • Two built in switches
    For the convenience of teachers, trainers, therapists, family members, and other AT practitioners.
  • Flexible scanning controlsavailable when used with DiscoverPro
    Select the scanning speed, mouse speed, type of scanning (regular, step or inverse) and other settings to match user’s access needs.
  • Speech softwareavailable when used with DiscoverPro
    Provides auditory cues and feedback to aid in correct key selections; allows for auditory scanning; lets user communicate as they work.
  • On/off switch
    Ability to control activation and avoid accidental switch presses.
  • Control Panel software
    Over 25 switch presets to support switch access to all IntelliTools software including IntelliTools Classroom Suite.
    Access hundreds of third party software titles with built-in switch accessibility.
    IntelliSwitch is compatible with DiscoverPro software for Windows, and Discover Envoy for OS X.
  • Setupsavailable when used with DiscoverPro
    Allow users to access many software programs and work at their own cognitive level.
  • Mac and Windows compatibility
    Works on Macintosh OS X and Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000.

Compatible with DiscoverPro and Discover Envoy Software

DiscoverPro for Windows (and Discover Envoy for OS X) is an all-in-one software package that provides universal access to the computer for people with motor disabilities, no matter what method of access they may choose: scanning, touching, or pointing. Simply install the software and choose the appropriate hardware according to the user’s abilities.

DiscoverPro /
Discover Envoy
Access Method
Input Device
PointTracker Pro

DiscoverPro and IntelliSwitch

DiscoverPro with IntelliSwitchIntelliSwitch and DiscoverPro software are the tools which enable a switch user to completely and independently control their computer. These two products replace the standard keyboard and mouse for switch-scanning users. A switch-scanning user is someone who has the ability to consistently control the use of one or more anatomical sites for accessing a single switch, or multiple switches. Switch-scanning access uses one or more switches to select from an electronic set of symbols, graphic images and/or alphanumeric characters.

One of the key features of the IntelliSwitch is that it is a wireless switch interface which can be used to access many different scanning-based programs. Scanning-based programs have built-in support for individuals using a switch to access the software. For example, you can use IntelliSwitch to access software which has built-in support for switch users. Applications such as IntelliTools Classroom Suite, and Speaking Dynamically Pro (Mayer-Johnson) are just some of the software titles that already have scanning built-in and can be accessed by IntelliSwitch.

Once the IntelliSwitch and DiscoverPro have been installed on the computer, the user will be able to come and go as they please without waiting for someone to help them get started. Simply use the built-in switch or plug an appropriate ability switch into IntelliSwitch and once the user depresses their switch, they will notice that customisable, onscreen set-ups will appear and begin to automatically scan, providing full control of all keyboard and mouse functions.


Wireless Frequency & Type 2.4Ghz, Zigbee
No. of Switch Inputs5
Switch Input Type3.5mm mono
Battery Operated2 AA Batteries
Transmission Distance30+ metres (100 ft+)
Transmitter size (LxWxH)12.4cm x 7.4cm x 2.5cm (4.9” x 2.9” x 1”)
Transmitter Weight140 grams
Receiver size (LxWxH)5.7cm x 1.6cm x 0.64cm (2.25” x 0.625” x 0.25”)
Receiver Weight9 grams
No. of transmitters per receiver5
Transmitter EnclosureMoulded High Impact ABS
Computer InterfaceUSB
Built-in Switch Actuation Force1.6 Newtons
Built-in Switch Lifetime3 Million actuations
Mounting2.5”-spaced 6-32 female brass inserts
Transmitter Operating Voltage3.5V
Transmitter Operating Current60mA (nominal)
Receiver Operating Voltage5 V (USB-powered)
Receiver Operating Current80mA

Requirements and ResourcesexpandClick to collapse

System Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Mac OSX up to 10.8; Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 (include 64 Bit)
    Download latest IntelliSwitch software version 3.5 to support Windows 8 and OS X 10.8
  • USB port
  • 2 AA batteries required when wireless mode is used

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Online Training and Webinars

IntelliSwitch is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

IntelliSwitch is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Switch use
  • Use of assistive technology
  • Access to computers

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:


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