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We welcome Sponsors and Exhibitors as valued participants in the Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference 2010. To find out more about the exciting sponsorship and exhibition options available, please visit our Sponsorship and Exhibition Prospectus Page or download the Sponsorship and Exhibition Prospectus and Booking Form.

Only 26 trade display booths are available! Because of the strong interest in securing exhibit spaces, we have to limit exhibitors only to those focused on technologies, as this will be the area of most interest to our delegates. Now that all exhibit places are filled, we will add further potential exhibitors to a waiting list, and will advise immediately if a spot becomes available! For more information, contact Eliza Bale, Conference Convenor on conference@spectronicsinoz.com

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Confirmed Exhibitors

6. Spectronics
Spectronics’ comprehensive range of inclusive learning technologies support students who struggle with literacy from early childhood through to post-secondary settings. They also offer excellent supports for people with disabilities and those with complex communication needs. The Spectronics team is committed to our goal of advancing independent achievement through technology – whatever form that achievement might take!
7. Zyteq (AUSTRALIA)
Zyteq specialises in speech generating devices for people of all ages who have complex communication needs or speech impairment. Zyteq is Australia’s newest ‘all Australian’ assistive technology company. Formerly operating as ZYGO Australia we have more than 15 years experience. We also offer technical aids for independence and daily living.
8. Don Johnston (USA)
Don Johnston offers accessible reading and writing technologies for students with cognitive, physical, and learning disabilities. Since 1980, we have partnered with literacy experts, assistive technology specialists, SLPs, OTs and special educators to develop assistive technology programs that improve access to learning. These programs serve students with dyslexia, autism, dysgraphia, down syndrome and other diverse learning challenges. They include all new versions of the very popular Co:Writer 6 and Write:OutLoud 6 software programs.
9. Crick Software (UK)
Crick Software is a leading supplier of educational software. Their flagship product Clicker, a multimedia and writing support tool is used on over 500,000 computers worldwide. Recent release WriteOnline, is an innovative online word processor enhanced with additional support features that can be personalised to address individual student needs.
10. Inclusive Technology (UK)
Inclusive Technology will show their range of software for interactive whiteboards as well as switch accessible titles. The company also provides a range of access devices such as alternative keyboards and mice. Speaker at the conference, award-winning Ian Bean, will be on hand to answer your queries about using technology to support learners with special needs.
11. Widgit Software (UK)
Widgit Software is a world leader in the production of symbol supported text based classroom materials. For the last twenty five years it has been refining the technology and the theory behind symbol support, and consequent print based software, making it a global leader, with over twelve symbol supported languages. In the past the symbol support in the classroom has focussed on print based materials, such as workbooks and activities. These are produced in Widgit’s bespoke symbol publishing programs. They started over ten years ago with the well known ‘Writing With Symbols’ which was later superseded by Communicate: InPrint and Communicate: SymWriter.
12. AssistiveWare (NETHERLANDS)
AssistiveWare is the worldwide leader in innovative assistive technology software for Mac OS X, iPhone and iPod touch. The award-winning product line includes universal access solutions for people with physical, vision, speech and language impairments designed in collaboration with users.
13. Intrepica (AUSTRALIA)
A home-grown Australian innovation, Intrepica equips teachers with a motivational web-based literacy resource that is engaging and addictive for all students. Comprehensive diagnostics and interactive content ensures that nothing is left to chance. Pre-reading, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, reading fluency, grammar and comprehension skills are all covered within this one interactive resource.
14. HumanWare (CANADA)
HumanWare is focused on enhancing the lives of people with visual and learning disabilities; they provide intuitive, intelligent solutions that enable their customers to participate effectively in today’s information intensive and highly mobile society. HumanWare will be featuring the portable ClassMate Reader, designed to improve reading skills, develop and understand vocabulary, and promote phonetic recognition and fluency. They will also be launching the Intel Reader that enhances independence for people with visual impairments, blindness, or reading-based learning disabilities by providing convenient and flexible access to a variety of printed materials.
15. 3M Touch Systems (AUSTRALIA)
3M Touch Systems provides innovative touchscreen products to customers worldwide under the “MicroTouch” brand. Popular single, gesture and multi touch screen applications include touchscreens and touch screen monitors for casino gaming, retail point of sale, foodservice, hospitality, self-service, industrial, healthcare, education and interactive digital signage.
16. Attainment Company (USA)
Since 1979 Attainment Company has been a leader in functional, easy-to-use products for people with significant cognitive disabilities including autism. Their wide range includes life skills curricula, workbooks and teacher resource books. Also offered are interactive instructional life skills software, including the new Counting Coins software with both Australian and New Zealand coin options, and the world-wide bestseller GoTalk AAC devices, including the new GoTalk Express 32.
17. White Space (UK)
Wordshark and Numbershark are used around the world as a major teaching resource for students experiencing difficulties with literacy and mathematics. Teachers, practitioners and parents find that both programs can be used with a wide age and ability range, as they combine detailed educational content with activities which students find motivating and fun to use.
18. iansyst (UK)
Iansyst ltd is a leading supplier of assistive technology for people with dyslexia and other disabilities. iansyst offer independent expert advice on the best strategies and technology solutions available to help people cope well with their differences, and make the most of their abilities, from home and school through into college and the workplace.
19. ReadingDoctor Software (AUSTRALIA)
ReadingDoctor Software provide a range of highly effective, specialist made, research based literacy improvement software products for children learning to read. ReadingDoctor Software is designed by a speech-language pathologist and reading researcher. The first release from ReadingDoctor Software, ReadingSounds 1 Pro, strengthens skills found through research to be crucial in facilitating literacy development using a highly innovative, multisensory, fun teaching platform. It is being described by educators as a breakthrough in literacy instruction.
ELECTROBOARD is an Australian owned, family run business providing schools audio visual, conferencing and interactive technologies for more than 24 years. We supply the latest products from the world’s leading suppliers, with offices in all states and territories in Australia, including rural areas. ELECTROBOARD is committed to introducing 21st Century technology into the classroom. We are the exclusive distributor of SMART products within Australia, including the award winning SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard.
21. Improved Score (AUSTRALIA)
Improved Score leads in the discovery of innovative products, which provide natural, non-invasive approaches to harness an individual’s potential to achieve personal improvement in cognitive, behavioural, academic and physical performance. Improved Score are responsible for bringing the Interactive Metronome™ technology into Australia and New Zealand, which has achieved groundbreaking results in the field of learning difficulties, cognition, ADD/ADHD and anger management over the past decade in the US.
22. Keepad Interactive (AUSTRALIA)
Keepad Interactive offers an impressive suite of world leading technologies nationally including the TurningPoint Audience Response System, the versatile eBeam Interactive Whiteboard and Tablet, Epson Data Projectors & Visualiser, Livescribe Digital Smartpens, Fourier Data Loggers & Student Learning Devices, Samsung Digital & Interactive Display Solutions, Robotics & Educational Aids, Software, Training and Support
23. Phonic Ear (AUSTRALIA)
Phonic Ear’s frontrow Active Learning Systems are the leading classroom speech enhancement system in Australia. Introduced to schools over ten years ago and now installed in hundreds of classrooms, Phonic Ear’s frontrow active learning systems have shown how acoustic enhancement, using active amplification technology, can dramatically improve many aspects of classroom teaching and learning.
24. Kimochis (AUSTRALIA)
Kimochis… toys with feelings inside, is an innovative fun toy/tool designed to foster emotional intelligence in children.
Kimochis… feelings in Japanese, are small cushions fitting in a pouch on either Cloud, Bug, Huggtopus or Cat. On one side is a face depicting an emotion, on the other, the name of that feeling.
The Clevy brand is created by BNC Distribution, a Dutch IT company that focuses on the development of special purpose computer peripherals. Clevy products are aimed at children in primary schools as well as people with special needs. All Clevy products are of very high quality and have a sturdy design, making them last a lifetime.
26. 2Touch (AUSTRALIA)
Designed, developed, and made ‘down under’, 2Touch, from the outset, has been a project designed to revolutionise interactive whiteboards (iwb). With traditional iwb locking you down to their software, unable to cater for wide screen projectors and whiteboard markers, and not built to last, 2Touch set out to give the iwb market what it needed – a board made for the classroom!
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