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Empower control and independence in a small, lightweight yet powerful communication device

We have a limited number of Spectronics’ ex-demo C8 devices in excellent condition available now at a 60% discount! Please “jump to prices“ for more details, to create a quote or place an online order for these items while they last.

Spectronics no longer supplies the technologies from Tobii including the Tobii C8. These are now available for purchase across Australia and New Zealand from Link-AT. For more details, please contact Bas Tijdhof, Managing Director of Link-AT in Adelaide on bas@linkassistive.com. Of course, all customers who have previously purchased Tobii technologies from Spectronics will, as always, be supported for the life of the product. We are here to support you on should you need assistance.

Tobii C8 Speech Generating Device on desk standTobii C8 allows people with communication disabilities to achieve their full potential. They can communicate via text or symbols to generate synthesised or digitised speech for face-to-face interaction or connect through email, text messages or chat.

Users also have the freedom and flexibility to

  • write and edit documents
  • surf the Internet
  • play music and games
  • control a TV, DVD and other household appliances (additional equipment required)
  • even plan and manage their time

All this makes independence easy!

Features and Benefits

  • Your choice of software
  • Easy to set up, easy to use
  • Extreme portability
  • Personalisation made easy

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