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Smart/Series Communication Devices


The Smart/Series family of AAC devicesNew generation, new design… gives you more messages, easier access, better durability and affordability with AMDi’s Smart series augmentative and alternative communication devices!

AMDi’s Smart Series of augmentative and alternative communication devices are light-weight, robust, and affordable.

New Features

  • Smart Overlay System
    Each overlay can be keyed by simply punching a hole in the designated area, using a standard hole punch. This will make changing levels quick and easy. Simply change the overlay and the level is changed accordingly. Each Smart Series device senses the hole pattern on the overlay and switches the level automatically.
  • Interchangeable Flash Memory System
    Each interchangeable flash memory card holds 6 levels of recorded voice with up to 30 minutes of recording time. This will give you unlimited amounts of levels on your device.

What’s new in Smart Series Version 2?expandClick to collapse

New improvements include:

  • Quick recording on the device – no more waiting for the light to flash, just press record, select a location, press and record – same as the Tech Series devices.
  • Faster response time – redesigned circuitry with a dual CPU processor giving the device the ability to speed up the rate of message response time and eliminating delay time between selecting your location and hearing the message being spoken
  • Enhanced sound quality – new amplifier and a 7.6cm (3 inch) speaker giving the Smart Series devices the best sound in the AMDi range
  • External level select switch added – on the rear panel of the device – this will give a choice of manually changing levels or using the sensors for overlay recognition
  • Overlay Designer Pro software will be included with every Smart Series device

Other features include a slimmer profile, a handle for easy carrying, controls hidden behind a door and a recording and low battery indicator located on the grid.

The Smart Series maintains all of the functions, features and benefits of the Tech Series. Durability and affordability are also preserved at the highest of standards.

Ideal for including students in classroom activities and as an introduction to augmentative communication. Pictorial overlays can be created with the included Overlay Designer Pro software to represent messages.

For a quick comparison of these devices, view Comparison of Communication Devices from AMDi.


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