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Simply turn your head, or aim your finger and the cursor follows along in real time!

SmartNAV 3 AT in action

As intuitive as a mouse, the SmartNAV gives you control of your computer by tracking a reflective dot attached to your forehead or finger.

  • Control your computer cursor hands free
  • Increase productivity
  • Eliminate wrist strain, carpel tunnel or repetitive strain injury

Available in three packages:

  • SmartNAV 3 AT Package(No longer available)
    For assistive technology, catering to people with physical disabilities featuring dwell clicking and switch support. Very helpful for people who are unable to move a mouse. Dwell software is for people who are unable to click a mouse or press a switch. Mouse pointing with switch input for switch/es to be used for mouse click and/or Dwell Click facility and Onscreen Keyboard (Additional Software provided)
  • TrackIR 3:PRO and TrackIR 4:PRO Hands-free Game Controllers
    Mouse pointing only – no alternative mouse click facility included. Additional features built in for computer gaming programs.
    (For people who can still operate the standard mouse to click and are looking for hands-free control of selected game features)


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