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QuickTalker Communication Device Series


Easy-to-use, go-anywhere communicators

Clock-wise from top-left: QuickTalker7, QuickTalker12,  QuickTalker23 and QuickTalker1 communication devices

With QuickTalker, your students will be ready to start communicating in minutes. QuickTalker features a modern design – ideal for girls or boys of any age in the classroom – yet rugged enough for everyday use.

The variety of message locations / grid sizes – from 1 location to 23 locations, up to five available levels – on the QuickTalker1, QuickTalker S, QuickTalker7, QuickTalker12, and QuickTalker23 provide the flexibility you need to customise the learning outcomes for each student.

QuickTalkers is one of the most affordable multi-message devices available on the market today, making it a smart choice for the 21st century classroom.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use
  • Available in 1, Sequential (New!), 7, 12, and 23 locations
  • Interchangeable symbol overlays for QuickTalker7, QuickTalker12, and QuickTalker23 and picture symbol holder for Quicktalker1 / S
  • Durable construction
  • Built-in handle for easy portability for the three bigger devices
  • Built-in symbols storage

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