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This product is discontinued – replaced by the DynaVox M3.
Accessories for the MightyMo are still available.

The MightyMo and MiniMo give those who prefer digitised speech the power to confidently and quickly speak their minds.

Developed specifically to meet the unique needs of augmented communicators preferring digitised speech, the MightyMo and MiniMo feature several tools that allow augmented communicators and their care teams to concentrate on what’s really important – communicating with one another and the world around them:

  • Children and adults can use pre-recorded page sets, including Gateway Jumpstart – an adaptation of the popular Gateway for Series 4, as a starting point for normal daily activities.
  • Convenient templates eliminate the need to create new pages from scratch.
  • Quickly and easily import digital images (e.g. JPEG files) and audio/sound files (e.g. MP3 files) to create customised communication pages with greater meaning for the augmented communicator.
  • The ability to store more than 100 minutes of speech and sound recordings in addition to those provided at the time of purchase helps to ensure that the augmented communicator has all the vocabulary he needs to speak his mind.
  • Colour, dynamic display screens that can be readily viewed indoors and out allow augmented communicators to communicate quickly and easily in virtually all environments.

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