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GoTalk Communication Device Series


The GoTalk series of communication devices offers a surprising array of features for a surprisingly low price!

GoTalk Communication Devices, from top-left, clockwise: GoTalk 20+, GoTalk 32+, GoTalk POCKET, GoTalk Overlay Software, GoTalk Card,  GoTalk 9+, GoTalk Express 32, GoTalk Button and GoTalk One, GoTalk 4+

What are GoTalks?

GoTalks are battery powered augmentative/alternative communication (AAC) devices used by people who can not communicate well by speaking. Another person (a classmate, sibling or friend, for example) records messages – any messages the user will likely need, in any language, dialect or accent.

An overlay of pictures (or words or symbols) is created. The pictures help the user remember where to find messages. The overlay is slid into the GoTalk, and then the user can “talk” simply by pressing on a picture to play a message. This allows users – maybe for the first time – to communicate quickly and easily just by pressing a button.

    “Hello, it’s nice to see you!”
    “I need to use the bathroom.”
    “Something is bothering me.”
    “I need help.”
    “I am all done.”

Imagine how frustrating it is not to be able to communicate these simple but important messages. And then imagine how wonderful it is to be able to “say” what you want with the push of a button. That’s what GoTalks are all about!

Who uses GoTalks?

GoTalks are used by children with autism, Down Syndrome, severe cerebral palsy or retardation – or any condition which limits speech. Since GoTalks come in several types and sizes, they are not used only by children, but also by adolescents and adults who have head injury, stroke, or temporary inability to speak (tracheotomy, etc.) GoTalks are easy to use and are favoured by teachers, assistants and parents.

The original GoTalk communication device (now superseded and replaced by the GoTalk 9+), with its 36 messages, has been very popular over the past year as the lowest cost multi-level communication device available in Australia.

The GoTalk 4+, built into the same sized casing as the original GoTalk, offers five levels with four cells on each level for recording messages. The larger cells make it easier for users who experience physical difficulty using the cells on the original Go Talk or who need less visual clutter on their device.

Released in 2005, are the GoTalk 9+, GoTalk 4+ and the GoTalk 20+. These are built to respond to many clients’ demand for more power and capacity, while maintaining the ease of use, durability and portability of the original GoTalk devices.

Available in December 2008, is the GoTalk POCKET in-the-hand communicator with six cells and five levels for easy and portable talking anywhere anytime.

Released in 2010, is the GoTalk Express 32, the most advanced GoTalk! With visual cueing, auditory cueing, ability to play multiple messages in sequence and full scanning capabilities, it’s gives more power to the AAC user in an easy to use package.

New in 2011, is the GoTalk 32+, the GoTalk with the most messages so you access more GoTalk power anywhere any time.

To add to the cost savings of this economical range of devices, a custom designed overlay making software package is also available for the GoTalks, complete with over 3,000 images. See the information on the GoTalk Overlay Software for more details.


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