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Now with with Australian voices!

DynaVox V+ released in November 2010 with longer battery runtime, and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
DynaVox Vmax+ released in October 2010 with longer battery runtime, faster performance, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Silver DynaVox Vmax+ and pink V+


The DynaVox V+ and Vmax+ represent a new era in augmentative communication. A fully-integrated communication system, the V family of devices allows users to explore a realm of new possibilities. The V series enables rapid, functional communication and expression for all essential life activities in any setting, for any age and for all abilities. Augmented communicators can learn to use the V series within minutes, yet the device has the flexibility and power to grow with the individual for years.

View ABC News (US) video clip on the DynaVox V Series

A happy DynaVox Vmax+ user using her pink DynaVox Vmax+ mounted on a wheelchairCompose your message

    • Rate Enhancement with Phrase Prediction, Slots and Quickfires
    • InterAACt Page sets with Context, Age and Ability-Driven Content

    The V+ and Vmax+ enable users to communicate at the fastest rate possible through techniques like concept-based phrase prediction, “slots” and “quickfires”. Phrase prediction assigns collections of phrases to concepts, making them easily accessible. “Slots” provide easy access to related words that can be used to complete a message. “Quickfires” are short conversation interjections (e.g. “wait!”, “that’s right”) that are available on the user’s main page for any situation. All of these techniques reduce the amount of necessary navigation, thus accelerating communication.

    The InterAACt framework serves as the V’s core content, and provides pages developed based on a communicator’s age, communication ability and the context or setting of the interaction. The vocabulary, symbols, page structure and visual scenes included within this framework are based on these three key factors. InterAACt pages support both functional communication and literacy development. The V series even comes preloaded with both DynaSyms and PCS symbol sets that include the new animated PCS symbols!

A child foccussed on her pink DynaVox VConvey your thoughts

    Nuance RealSpeak and AT&T Natural Voices are just that – natural-sounding and easy to understand. With larger, forward-firing speakers and increased audio output, the V series is unmatched in audio clarity, voice projection and intelligibility, even in high-noise environments like restaurants, parks and shopping centres.

Connect to your world

    • Windows 7
    • Email (free account)
    • Text Messaging (via Bluetooth)
    • Internet Access
    • Environmental Control

    Communicate like never before – around the block or around the globe – via email and text messaging. Each device includes a free email account – even someone using one-switch scanning can send a message using a single button. Now, you can also run any Microsoft 7
    compatible software application (Standard version only) or access the Web while maintaining access to the communication software. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities are available options (built-in on the Vmax+), and an external computer can be controlled with the AccessIT option. The dual infrared ports allow you to operate programmable remote control devices from any angle.

Create your world

    • Drag-n-Drop Editing
    • Boardmaker Bridge
    • Digital Image, Video and Sound Import
    • Speaking Dynamically Pro Included

    Get creative! With new Drag-n-Drop editing, users can select images, sounds and video from a computer, an external drive or the internet and assign them to pages or buttons on the V series. Download a current event story from the internet and the V seies will automatically import key words into your device, assigning them to image-based buttons so that you can discuss the story in moments. An exciting new Boardmaker Bridge allows Mayer-Johnson Boardmaker users to directly import pages they’ve created. Content from Series 4 devices can also be easily imported into your new V series device. Speaking Dynamically Pro, now included on every V device (standard version only), provides users with multiple languages and the familiar SD Pro operating environment.

Customise your world

    • New User Setup Wizard Selects Pages, Symbols and Voices
    • Multiple User Profiles
    • Multiple Access Methods

    Making the V series device your own couldn’t be easier! The V User Setup Wizard gets you up and speaking in no time by establishing a starting point based on your responses to a few easy questions. The Wizard then automatically loads the recommended sets of pages, symbols and voices based on these selections. For situations when a device is shared among multiple users, the V series enables multiple user profiles to be used on a single device. The V series also offers a rich set of access methods – options include touchscreen, mouse, joystick, Morse code, switch access with visual and auditory scanning, SCATIR Switch, and head trackers such as Tracker Pro, along with a broad selection of onscreen keyboards.

Have Confidence

    • On-Device How-To Video Tutorials
    • Remote Technical Support
    • Internet-Based Upgrades
    • DynaCare Warranty

    Your V device is supported by the industry standard in technical support and service. DynaVox covers you each step of the way with how-to video tutorials on the device, extensive on-line and video-based training, the industry’s largest and most-experienced Technical Support department and DynaCare – the best device warranty in the business. Best of all, the V series offers Remote Technical Support. With the push of a button, you can allow a DynaVox Technical Support representative to remotely access your device, identify problems and have you speaking again. Upgrades can be installed directly onto your device from the internet. With DynaVox and the V series device by your side, you can be confident – no matter where you are!


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