Rover – The iPad Browser for Education

A cool dog sky skateboardingI find it really annoying that the iPad won’t run web sites and resources written in Flash, especially as some of the best web sites for children with severe and complex needs are written with it. Enter ‘Rover App’ a web browser for the iPad designed for education that runs Flash based content. It has lots of other useful tools too: content filtering, tight privacy settings and it should work through school firewalls. The app is free and well worth a look.

Rover – The Browser for Education

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About Ian Bean

Ian was the ICT teacher and curriculum coordinator at Priory Woods School in Middlesbrough which is internationally recognised as an example of best practice in the use of ICT to support teaching and learning for students with severe and complex difficulties including Autism. HIs leadership of ICT won for the school many local, national and international awards. The school web site which Ian designed and ran for many years and welcomes millions of visitors each month from across the globe.

Ian left Priory Woods to lead the Information Team at Inclusive Technology where he was responsible for delivering training and consultancy to schools around the world. While at Inclusive, Ian worked closely with the development team to help design much of Inclusive’s software output over the last seven years. This includes titles from the ‘Big Bang’, ‘Switch Skills’, ‘Target and Touch’ and ‘Maker’ series, each design underpinned by best practice research Ian carried out in schools and colleges. Most recently Ian worked on MyZone LP, an innovate switch accessible learning learning platform for children with SEN.

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  1. Heidi says:

    Hi Ian, I came across your Priory Woods games 4 years back when my first son was diagnosed with ASD, I made pecs cards for them and this is how we started learning pecs. It took my son all but 20 mins as he loved the games you created so much!

    Defiantly going to check out this browser now for his ipad, (just a note though the link above for Rover doesn’t work)

    Cheers from Australia.

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