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Accessible Ware
Accessibleware offers a wide variety of services to help in the design of accessible web sites and applications. These can range from complete site design to the production of a style guide.

BrowseAloud: Speech-enabling websites
“With the BrowseAloud service from Texthelp Ltd, websites are instantly speech-enabled, reading the text that users require with the hover of a mouse. BrowseAloud is the easiest way to make websites more accessible to those with reading difficulties. It opens up the Internet for those who have difficulties reading web pages and who need an easy method of having text read back to them thus providing accessible information without the need for complex technological skills.”
Donald Schloss, Adult Dyslexia Organisation (UK)

Closing the Gap
Closing the Gap is a U.S. based organisation dedicated to information dissemination and training in computer technologies for special education and rehabilitation. This very useful web site is worthy of bookmarking and regular visits by all in the assistive technology field. The site offers information on the Closing the Gap bi-monthly newsletter; the annual Resource Directory publication; and details of the annual Closing the Gap Conference held in the U.S.A. This conference is seen as one of the most important worldwide in the assistive technology field – with many manufacturers using it as a platform for launching new products or developments in the field.

The Library section of this site contains many useful articles (often taken from past issues of the Closing the Gap Newsletter). The site also features a question and response section, where assistive technology users, carers or prescribers can post questions and receive answers from around the globe. Lots of useful information to be picked up there

IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Centre
A collection of products developed for people with vision, hearing, speech, mobility and attention/memory disabilities. Includes screen access software, keyboard utilities, interactive speech and cognitive tools and more.

LD Online
A leading website on learning disabilities for parents, teachers and other professionals.

LD Resources
Resources for the learning disabilities community.

Microsoft Accessibility and Disabilities Site
A site dedicated to their disability projects and the special needs features of the Windows operating systems. Includes various software utilities developed for special needs.

Priory Woods School website
A really great school website that incorporates Widgit Symbols (formerly Rebus) and PCS symbols throughout. There are children’s activities (stories, colouring and drawing, games, find-out-about activities) and downloadable animated sequences suitable for all ages. Most activities are accessible to those using alternative access options such as switches or touchscreens.

Trace Center (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Trace is a non-profit research centre which focuses on making off the shelf technologies and systems like computers, the Internet, and information kiosks more accessible for everyone through the process known as universal, or accessible design.

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